COB and SMD Encapsulation LED Display

From the current led display market and technology, the small pixel pitch is mainly SMD encapsulation and COB encapsulation of two forms of technology, due to surface-mount technology and market development earlier and more mature, the current market, the small pitch led display, are It is a surface-mount encapsulation, which is the most mainstream encapsulation method used for current small-pitch LEDs. However, with the P1.5 small pitch becoming a conventional product with smaller spacing, the advantages of the COB encapsulation form become more prominent:

First of all, from the process itself analysis: compared to the traditional (SMD) encapsulation form, the small spacing of the COB encapsulation has "the smaller the density, the advantages (light and thin, anti-collision pressure, flexibility, good display effect, moisture resistance and other aspects The more obvious the features are. “The small pitch, uniform quality, color curve, and viewing angle of COB technology are very good. Especially in the field of outdoor small-pitch LED encapsulation, the excellent display effect of COB has been gradually recognized by the market.” Mr. Wang Ruiguang, head of Changchun Xida, a manufacturer of COB encapsulation display products, confirmed this. Some industry insiders even believe that the COB encapsulation will become the best technical breakthrough for achieving “visual comfort” and “improvement of experience” for small-pitch LED TVs.

Secondly, from the point of view of the manufacturing process, the small pitch LED screens of the traditional encapsulation technology (SMD) must be connected by a process called “reflow soldering”. During this high temperature operation, due to the SMD of the LED lamp beads, The different materials in the chip encapsulation can easily cause the "dead light" problem of small-pitch LED applications. The use of COB encapsulation technology omits the traditional "SMT" process. The maximum protection of the LED crystal electrical and semiconductor structural stability, can make the display of the bad lamp rate dropped by more than an order of magnitude.

At present, under the vigorous promotion of Sony, Vtron, and Changchun Xida, the emerging COB encapsulation technology is increasingly accepted in small-pitch products, and a wave of COB encapsulation has been set off. From the early “inline” to “surface mount” and then to the new generation of COBs, the advancement of technology has continuously promoted the development of the encapsulation industry and also promoted technological innovation. In this small-footprint battle, COB encapsulation technology is expected to come from behind, winning more LED small-pitch markets and enterprises, and still needs further technology.

The market's optimal reflection of technology is always very rapid. At present, COB encapsulation has not yet replaced SMD's leading position. It is proved from the side that it still has its shortcomings. As pointed out by Yang Rui, Marketing Director of Shenzhen Aorida Technology Co., Ltd., “The only flaw in the COB display encapsulation is the lack of consistency on the surface. If this problem is not resolved, it will be difficult to obtain customer acceptance.”

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