How to Make LED display Energy Saving

"Energy saving and emission reduction" means to save energy and reduce energy consumption. As one of the important components in the manufacturing industry, the “energy saving” of LED display industry is also a topic that LED display manufacturers have been paying close attention to.

At present, many LED display companies in the industry are involved in the R&D and production process of energy saving and emission reduction. At present, some energy-saving led display screen in the market mainly improve the energy-saving effect through the improvement of the power supply, attracting the attention of many consumers and giving high expectations.

This method of starting from the power supply, first, in the existing LED display directly on the use of half-bridge or full-bridge high-efficiency switching power supply, coupled with synchronous rectifier energy-saving effect is significant; second is the constant current in the driver IC state Reduce the power supply voltage as much as possible, and achieve better energy-saving effects by separately supplying power to the red, green, and blue dies.

Of course, the application costs of such non-standard voltage power supplies and new technologies must rise. From the perspective of the screen driver IC, the energy saving is not obvious, and reducing the driving constant current pressure difference will also bring about new problems including costs. Some IC companies' propaganda drives energy-saving design, but nothing more than sales strategy.

So, in addition to starting from the LED display power supply aspects of energy, there are those ways to better achieve LED display energy saving?

Compared with other traditional advertising methods, the LED display has its own "aura" of energy saving and environmental protection. The LED display has self-adjusting function of brightness. Therefore, another aspect is to achieve energy saving by adjusting the brightness of the LED display. .

The luminescent material used in the LED display itself is an energy-saving product. However, because the outdoor display area is generally larger and the brightness is higher, the power consumption is still relatively large. However, due to the great changes in the brightness of the surrounding environment during daytime and nighttime in outdoor LED displays, the brightness of the LED display needs to be reduced at night, so the brightness self-regulation function is very necessary.

However, since the LED display's own light-emitting material is a natural property that is energy-saving, in the actual application process, the display area is usually larger. Long-term operation and high-brightness playback naturally consume power. . When it comes to outdoor advertising applications, in addition to the costs associated with the LED display itself, the owners of the advertisements will also exhibit a geometric growth with the use of the equipment. Therefore, only from the technical level can we solve the problem of greater energy saving from the root.

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