How to make LED display avoid light pollution

Internationally, LED light pollution is generally classified into three kinds, white light pollution, artificial white light, and color light pollution. At present, there are no relevant regulations for artificial pollination and color light pollution. However, considering that the color light pollution does cause people to feel uncomfortable, it is necessary to consider the problem of light pollution prevention of the display screen when designing the led display screen.
First, using a brightness adjustment system that can be automatically adjusted by the system

We know that day and night, the brightness of different time and place environment changes greatly, if the LED display screen playback brightness is greater than the ambient brightness of 60% we obviously feel the eyes of the non-adaptation, that is to say caused by the light pollution of people. Through the outdoor brightness acquisition system, the brightness of the environment is collected at any time. The display level control system automatically converts the broadcast brightness suitable for the environment through receiving system data.

Second, multi-level gray correction technology

The 8-bit color display level used by the common display system is such that the color is hardened at some low grayscale and color transitions. Can also cause the color light to adapt. The new LED large-screen control system adopts a 14-bit color display level, which greatly improves the hardness of the color. Make people feel soft when watching. Avoid people's discomfort to light.

Third, the reasonable choice of installation location and reasonable planning of the display area

There is a reasonable plan for viewing distance and viewing angle and display area. At the same time, image research has specific design requirements for viewing distance and viewing angle of the display screen. In the design of the display screen, it should meet the design requirements as far as possible, and plan rationally.

Fourth, the selection and design of broadcast content

The large-screen LED display screen is the public media, with public service, advertising, and instruction. When we choose to play the content, we must agree with the public. This is also an important aspect of preventing and controlling light pollution on display screens.

The LED diode itself is a green light source, although the LED display on the large-scale display of the cluster-type application has indeed caused a certain level of color light pollution because of its design considerations and application requirements, but this contradiction is inevitable. It cannot be completely eradicated. Only the use of technical means and policies and regulations to minimize the color light pollution, coordinate the needs of advertisers and the public's viewing psychology. At the same time, we also see that compared with today's neon and white light box advertising, the light pollution of LED display has been greatly reduced. And LED electronic display also has the advantages of energy saving and rich colors, it will surely replace neon outdoor lighting and information display.

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