VDWALL LVP919 Application Introduction

VDWALL LVP615 is well-functioned scaler, but load capability is limited to 2.3 million pixels. If screen resolution exceed 2.3 million, which model is appropriate?

Benefit from fast evolution of LED screen technology, tides of huge dimension and fine pitch screens flowered in metropolitan that require higher driving performance. As the peripheral device supplier, let's take a glance of economical 2K video splicer VDWALL LVP919. 

1.9.2 million pixels driving capability 

As an entry level splicer, LVP919's loading capacity is 4 times more than LVP615, featured convenient operation and cost efficient. 4 DVI outputs provide 9 2 million pixels load capacity The following picture is typical application of splicing. 

vdwall LVP919 Video processor.jpg

You may wonder, why there was only 3 senders applied in above diagram? Because 3 DVI ports are enough to drive this screen, you may use the 4th DVI output for real time monitoring or backup. 

2.Multi-image Multi-screen display

In last article, we discussed expanded multi-image display with media playing software. Right now, we introduce a new hardware: Multi-image viewer, which conveniently integrate several input channels to one whole image. 

Multi-image Multi-screen display.jpg

Facilitated by LVP919 AIAO(any in any out) function, we can easily assign Multiple images to Multiple screens. Solution analysis is as following: 

Advantage: Intuitive and easy operates, cost efficient, expandable 

Shortage: All images can be tiled but overlapped 

3.Audio visual sync switch 

As an entry level splicer, LVP919 is equipped with audio decoding function, including 2 DVI, 2 HDMI, 1 SDI embedded audio and 3 external analogue audio, total 8 channels audio visual simultaneous switch. 

LVP919 is equipped with audio decoding function.jpg

4.Preset mode one key switch 

LVP919 is built with function of preset mode one key switch. This function not only realize convenient variety of display modes transition, but also helps to restore normal display after accidental misoperation. 

Preset mode one key switch .jpg

5.Scheduled automatic signal switch 

With LVP919 PC control software, user can intuitively configure automatic signal switch with timer, avoid manual on site operation. Software interface is as following, all need to do is clicking the setup item, then select nominated option. 



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