4 Key Accessories of LED display

We usually refer to the LED display Accessories equipment mainly consists of four parts: control card, video processor, power supply and driver IC.

LED display

Critical Core - LED display Control Card

Among them, the control system is a system that decides what content to play on the big screen, which is equivalent to the human brain. The selection of a control system is very important. Generally, we have to choose a control system that is convenient for playing programs, flexible in playing format, and easy to learn. Some belts have a lot of points, support for large resolution display; some good scalability, suitable for LED shaped screen. Such as LED ball screen, you need to have special requirements on the control system and the video source to play in order to have a perfect display effect.

HD quality rendering - LED display video processor

In the era of high-definition LED display, video processors not only carry a lot of work such as image processing and analysis, codec compression, but also embed a large number of intelligent analysis algorithms to analyze the massive HD data and bear more important roles. This technology core is not only reflected in the sharpness of the edge of the image, but also includes the process of color restoration and image scaling. The quality of the video processor indicator directly reflects the clarity of the image displayed on the LED display.

With the popularization of high-resolution products, 4K has become the norm. The proliferation of signal sources and simple multi-picture output may solve the problem of the small-pitch era. However, in the post-small-pitch era, the solution for the screen display 2.0 era has obviously been powerless. With a larger and more complex signal source, the number of monitors has also increased dramatically. To complete real-time preview and monitoring of LED displays, traditional solutions often require the use of multiple displays. However, only Austrian video has the industry's first real professional LED display 4K2K processor, can be set according to the different LED display physical resolution different output resolution size, to achieve infinite scaling, arbitrary interception of the input signal full-screen display .

Display Energy Source - LED display Power Supply

Only by guaranteeing the reliability of each link can the display screen achieve a perfect result when it is finally presented. However, the power supply is also a crucial part of the LED display peripherals. All components on the display use DC 5V. A variety of power dedicated display power, the most used display power is 5V40A (200W) specifications.

The giant energy industry that has been at the leading level in the industry has used a high-purity aluminum housing for its ultra-thin power products, which is 1mm thicker than the power supply housing on the market. The materials used are more solid and the heat dissipation is better. The working range of ultra-thin series power supplies is also wider. Both ends have access to the output or one end of the output, and the installation saves more engineering costs. Product quality is also more secure, the price is basically the same as the traditional power supply with the same parameters.

Low Bright High Brush - LED display Driver IC

Among the performance indicators of led display screens, refresh rate and gray level and image expression are one of the most important indicators. This requires high consistency of the current between the LED display driver IC channels, high-speed communication interface rate, and constant current response speed. In the past, the three aspects of refresh rate, gray level, and utilization rate were a kind of trade-off relationship. To ensure that one or both of the indicators can be more excellent, we must appropriately sacrifice the remaining two indicators.

However, with the small gap gradually becoming a major hot spot in the development of the domestic LED display industry, the status of trying to lead the game needs the active support of the “behind the scenes” supporting manufacturers, and it also brings a series of challenges. Today's driver ICs have successfully implemented "low-light, high-gray, high-brush (high shooting refresh rate)" and perfectly solved the "seven big problems" caused by low-light and high-gray, which can effectively meet the small pitch. Need for display. Ming Microelectronics has always devoted itself to the deep research of driver ICs. Among them, the non-isolated high-voltage linear constant-current LED driving power technology they have introduced has become a new hot spot for LED light source driving. Non-isolated high-voltage linear constant-current driving power supplies have no transformers and inductances. And electrolytic capacitors, the cost can be lower than the isolated drive power.

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