The Advantages of SMD LED Display

With the advancement of LED chip technology and LED packaging technology, SMD LED  displaty brightness and protection level have been able to meet the needs of outdoor applications, and achieved faster application. It is believed that outdoor SMD LED screen will lead the future LED outdoor advertising screen market.

Compared with the in-line type, the SMD LED display has more advantages:

First, a wide perspective

Outdoor surface-mount full color screen not only has a wide viewing angle of more than 140 degrees in the horizontal direction, but also has a wide viewing angle of more than 140 degrees in the vertical direction. This has particular advantages in some application places, such as building screens, outdoor led display screens suspended from high altitude. Need a wider perspective to show better advertising effectiveness.

Second, good light distribution

Red, green and blue elliptical LED matching consistency of three brightness at different angles is a very difficult indicator, while full-color SMD design structure for the three-in-one structure, red, green and blue all three chips A bracket bowl cup, so at different angles of the red, green, and blue brightness of the three matching consistency of a high degree of consistency, so that outdoor full-color SMD led display at any angle of the brightness of the consistency of a good match, to achieve more Good color realistic effect.

Third, good light mixing

Because the design structure is three-in-one and the three chips are very close together, light is mixed in the same bracket bowl instead of three separate oval LEDs, so the red, green, and blue light mixing effects are better than those of the oval LED Screen, especially suitable for close-up viewing.

Fourth, high contrast

Due to the three-in-one design structure, the full-color SMD is small in size, so the light emitting area is small and the black area is large, which improves the contrast of the led display screen.

Fifth, automated production

SMD LED display can use automatic placement machine for automated patching, which has high production efficiency. The circuit design of the LED outdoor surface-mount display module can realize the combination of the light board and the driver board, reducing the cost, improving the reliability, and improving the production efficiency. In addition, the automated patch production can also improve the vertical accuracy of the SMD on the circuit board and overcome the vertical accuracy problem of the in-line elliptical LED on the circuit board, thereby ensuring better optical effects.

Sixth, the weight of the box

The aluminum alloy material box structure design is very light; and the appearance is not easy to deform and assembly is convenient and smooth. Suitable for rental companies, car screens, mobile media use; Post installation or wall installation to reduce the pressure of the screen on the steel structure.

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