3 Key Points To Purchase Small Pixle LED Display

Currently Small Pixel Pitch LED display is very polular in LED display market, many customers ask us about how to choose Small Pixel Pitch LED display, there is 3 key points as following.

First, comprehensive consideration of the point spacing, size and resolution

Point spacing, size, and resolution are some of the more important factors that people use when purchasing small pixel pitch led displays. In actual operation, it is not the smaller the distance between points, the higher the resolution, the better the actual application effect, but must consider the screen size, application environment and other factors. The smaller the distance between small pitch led display products, the higher the resolution and the higher the price. When purchasing products, users should fully consider their own application environment and program budget, and avoid the dilemma of spending large sums of money but failing to achieve the expected results.

Second, fully consider the maintenance costs

When choosing a small pixel pitch led display product, industry users should consider not only the purchase cost but also the high maintenance cost. In actual operation, the larger the size of the screen body, the more complex the maintenance process and the corresponding increase in maintenance costs. In addition, the power consumption of the small spacing is not easy to overlook, and the large-sized and small pixel pitch led display generally has a higher operating cost in the later period.

Third, signal transmission compatibility is very important

Indoor signal access for small pixel pitch led displays has diversification, quantity, location dispersion, multi-signal on-screen display, centralized management, and other requirements. In practice, small pixel pitch led displays are required to be efficiently used, and signal transmission equipment must not contempt. In the LED display market, not all small pixel pitch LED displays can meet the above requirements. When choosing a product, avoid unilateral attention to the resolution of the product and fully consider whether the existing signal device supports the corresponding video signal. . The small pixel pitch led display attracts users with its ultra-high-definition display and exquisite display effect. Oleda COB small pitch led display adopts a new production process, which completely overcomes the difficulty of the traditional SMD's small spacing to fail customer service and breaks through the bottleneck of moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-impact of the small pixel pitch led display. The COB small pixel pitch maintenance operation is simple and does not require any tools. It supports the maintenance of the module and power supply, which is fast and cost-effective. 160 ° large viewing angle, 16bits high gray, 500 ~ 1500nits indoor highlighting, fantastic screen display, realistic picture, beautiful. Users in the purchase process, the customer must comprehensively consider the application of their own needs, to achieve the most wanted results are the best.

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