How to Make LED display Life Longer

Whether it is a traditional electronic product or an LED display, if you want to make its life longer, you must not only pay attention to the method during use, but also must perform some routine maintenance on the screen.  below, We will  share with everyone to make LED display longer life method!

First, the internal fixation of the components of the screen body

1. If you find any components that are damaged or damaged, replace them in time, especially the various small parts of the steel frame structure.

2. When receiving early warning of natural disasters such as weather deterioration, it is necessary to check the stability and safety of various components of the screen body. If there is any problem, check it in time to avoid unnecessary losses!

3. Regularly maintain the surface coating of the product and the welded joints of the steel structure to prevent corrosion rust and shedding.

4, an average of at least two times a year to maintain.

Second, the inspection of bad products

Regular inspections of defective products are required, and repairs or replacements are performed in a timely manner, usually in three months.

Third, for the LED lamp cleaning and maintenance

Use a soft brush to gently scrub the dust accumulated on the outside of the LED lamp. If the waterproof case is used, you can also use the water to clean it. For the environment, clean and maintain it regularly.

IV. Inspection of lightning protection facilities

1. Check the lightning rod and grounding line regularly

2. The tube should be tested after thundering. If it fails, it must be replaced in time.

3, the time when it rains more often can be checked.

Fifth, screen power system inspection

1. First of all, check whether the connections of the various lines in the distribution box are rusted or loose. There are problems to be dealt with in time.

2. For safety, the grounding of the electrical box must be guaranteed and checked regularly.

3, on the power line and signal new road, but also regularly check to avoid breaking the line or being bitten.

4, for the entire power supply system also need to do two inspections a year.

Sixth, LED control system inspection

1. Above the LED control system, test each function according to the preset conditions.

2. All lines and equipment on the screen should be checked regularly to avoid accidents.

3. Regularly check the reliability of the system, such as once every 7 days.

Doing a good job of daily maintenance of LED displays has a vital role in extending the life of the display and ensuring the normal operation of the LED display.

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