15 What is about LED display

1: What is SMD LED Moudle? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The surface mount is also called SMT. The SMT encapsulation lamp is soldered to the surface of the PCB board through soldering process. The lamp pins do not pass through the PCB board. The module made of this process is called the surface mount module.

The advantages are: large viewing angle, soft display image, high pixel density, suitable for indoor viewing;

The disadvantage is that the brightness is not high enough and the lamp itself does not dissipate heat.

2: What is 3 in 1? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Refers to packaging R, G, B LED chips of three different colors in the same glue body;

The advantages are: simple production and good display effect;

The disadvantages are: it is difficult to separate and separate the light and the cost is high.

3: What is a dual-color, pseudo-color, full-color display?

Through different colors of light-emitting diodes can form a different display, dual-color is composed of red, green or yellow-green color, pseudo-color is composed of red, yellow-green, blue three different colors, full-color is from red , pure green, pure blue three different colors;

4: What is the brightness?

The light intensity emitted by a LED display unit area is expressed in cd/m2, which is simply the light intensity emitted by a square meter display.

5: What is the brightness level?

The number of manually or automatically adjusted levels between the lowest to highest brightness of the entire screen.

6: What is gray scale?

At the same brightness level, the display process level from the darkest to the brightest.

7: What is the maximum brightness?

Under certain ambient illumination, the primary colors of led display screens are at the maximum brightness and the maximum gray level.

8: What is a PCB?

PCB is a printed circuit board (abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board).

10: What is white balance? What is white balance adjustment?

What we call white balance refers to the white balance, which is the balance of the 3:6:1 ratio of the three colors of R, G, and B.

The adjustment of the brightness ratio and white coordinates of the three colors R, G, and B is called white balance adjustment.

11: What is contrast?

Under a certain ambient illumination, the ratio of the maximum brightness of the LED display to the background brightness.

12: What is color temperature?

When the color of the light emitted by the light source is the same as the color of the radiation when the black body radiates at a certain temperature, the temperature of the black body is referred to as the color temperature of the light source, and usually 2000 k to 5000 K, that is, the color is white with yellow gradually becoming positive white.

13: What is the frame change frequency?

The number of times the display screen information is updated within the unit time.

14: What is the refresh rate?

The refresh rate is the screen refresh rate. The lower the refresh rate, the more flickering and flickering the image, the faster the eyes become fatigued, and sometimes cause eye pain. The higher the refresh rate, the less damage to the eyes, and the general LEDx display refresh rate is 120HZ.

15: What is the perspective? What is the perspective? What is the best perspective?

The viewing angle is the angle between the viewing direction and the normal direction when the brightness of the observation direction drops to 1/2 of the normal direction of the LED display panel. Divided into horizontal and vertical viewing angles;

The view angle is the angle between the direction of the image content on the display screen and the normal line of the display screen.

The best perspective is to exactly see the contents of the display screen, without color cast, the angle between the direction of the clearest image content and the normal.

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