Transparent LED display maintenance

After Transparent LED Display is used for a long time, the product needs regular maintenance. transparent LED screen how to overhaul it? Need to see the specific circumstances to judge, the following is the share of relevant experience:
1, the transparent screen body black screen does not work

1) Confirm whether the control box is powered (PWR red light is on) and the signal output is normal (RUN green light flicker);

2) Whether the LED transparent screen has been normally energized, and the screen will be restored to a black screen after the screen flashes once when the power is turned on or off;

3) If the above two checks are correct, please confirm whether the network cable is well-connected. You can use the network cable tester to test whether the network cable is normal.

2, screen display is not comprehensive

1) Please confirm whether the content of the program is produced with the resolution of the transparent screen body.

2) Please confirm that the video processor resolution and the screen resolution are the same.

3, a module, a plurality of light bars or the entire module does not work

First confirm the location of the fault phenomenon (use the visual inspection to confirm the location of the fault module and make a simple mark), and then replace the fault module accordingly. The specific method of replacing the module is as follows:

1 Cut off all the power of the screen body; open the cover plate behind the screen body and unplug the power line and signal line on the module;

2 Remove the left and right fixing screws of the module (shown in the right figure);

3 remove the fault module package;

4 Install the corresponding new module, fix the module screw and plug in the power cord and signal cable;

5 Is the power test screen normal?

The above is a solution to the common problem of how to repair transparent glass glass screens. From simple to complex and starting from the basics, it is sure to solve the problem.

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