• Indoor P2.5 LED Display
  • Indoor P2.5 LED Display
  • Indoor P2.5 LED Display
  • Indoor P2.5 LED Display
  • Indoor P2.5 LED Display
  • Indoor P2.5 LED Display
Indoor P2.5 LED Display Indoor P2.5 LED Display Indoor P2.5 LED Display Indoor P2.5 LED Display Indoor P2.5 LED Display Indoor P2.5 LED Display

Indoor P2.5 LED Display

Colorlight P2.5mm indoor LED screen, High Resolution LED video wall

With the LED display technology and the display market demand are constantly growing, small pixel P2.5mm indoor LED display is now becoming very popular. Currently Indoor fixed P2.5 LED display is the smallest pixel pitch LED display in indoor fixed display market. P2.5mm Indoor SMD LED Display is specially designed for high definition and high-contrast usage in which the screen needs to display more vivid picture and video for the audiences, With the features of 160000 pixels density per square meter and 2.5mm line and column spacing, P2.5 fixed LED display is the first choose if HD video standard is required in indoor applications. and it is widely used in conference rooms, monitoring rooms, control rooms, or any locations where high contrast, close-up viewing is needed.

In the recent years, Colorlight P2.5 indoor fixed led display screen comes to the forefront and dominate the LED display market depending on the outstanding qualtity, High-precision, high reliability, high stability and excellent visual to experience.
with the strict production control and high quality LED materials, Our P2.5mm LED sign can offer a high resolution standard HD display solution, offering ultra-realistic and vivid visual effect. and more, high quality black SMD2121 LED to ensure our P2.5mm indoor fixed LED screen has a great white balance even in semi-outdoor environment. Besides, professional cabinet design and highly efficient power design to make our P2.5 indoor LED sign unique, stable and ultra quiet. In additional, the global-leading LED display control system is used to make Colorlight P2.5mm indoor fixed LED screen easy operation and powerfull content management function. Besides, various mature overse projects have improved our P2.5 LED display whole performance and more and more customere choose us as a long term P2.5 indoor LED sign supplier and provider. It is our honour, and also is a motivication for us,  we will, as always, for all the new and old customers with quality small pixel P2.5 indoor fixed LED display products and services.
welcome to learn more about our P2.5 indoor fixed LED display. P3mm/P4mm/P5mm/P6mm/P7.62mm/P10mm indoor fixed LED screen available depending on customer's requriement.

P3mm LED Video Wall parameters:

LED Module:



Pixel pitch


Pixel configuration


LED lamp


Pixel matrix per panel


Module resolution rate


Module dimensions (W*H*D)




Package material



combined driver board

Input votage


MAX. input current


Driving mode

1/32 scan, constant current

Module power


LED Cabinet


800-1200 cd/m2

Cabinet dimensions (W×H×D)

480*480mm/640mmx640mm/800mmX800mm/960mmx960mm are avaliable.

Resolution ratio



8.5±0.05 kg

Pixel density


Viewing angle (H/V)

140° Horizontal and Vertical

Best viewing distance


LED Control System

Gray scale per color

12-16bits for red,green,blue



Life time

≥100,000 hours


≥10,000 hours

Refresh rate

≥ 720Hz

MAX. power


Input voltage (AC)

110V ~ 240V

Operating temperature

-20°C ~+ 50°C

Operating humidity

10% ~ 90%

Source compatibility (with video processor)

DVI/VGA,Vedio(mutiple modes),RGBHV,composite Vedio Single,S-VIDEO,YpbPr(HDTV)

Software Colorlight LEDVISION, other brands control system can be choose


•Excellent stability: High quality material and strict process control to ensure stability of our products.
•Outstanding quality: high quality core material LED parts and our professional circuit board design to ensure the reliability.
•Higher contrast ratio: We adopts black SMD LED Lamp to ensuer higher contrast ratio than white SMD LED display
•Excellent effect: using dot to dot calibration technology to ensure the image clearer, smooth level and more vivid image in the led display.
•Slim design and light-weight: high qualtiy profile aluminum are used to ensure the display light weight & thickness, transportation & installation become easier.
•Fantastic seamless & vivid visual performance: high quality modules and professional structure cabinets design to ensure the screens’ smooth level, seamless, vivid and perfect image
•No noise during work: Fanless design of Colorlight's LED screen will meet the quite request of the conference & cinema.
•Better smooth level:  We alway to ensure 0.1mm connect error between the LED modules for our small pixel pitch LEd display prducts
•Simple maintenance: Modular design makes the maintenance convenient and easier. save you time and labor