• Indoor P4 LED Display
  • Indoor P4 LED Display
  • Indoor P4 LED Display
Indoor P4 LED DisplayIndoor P4 LED DisplayIndoor P4 LED Display

Indoor P4 LED Display

Colorlight P4mm LED display belongs to small pixel pitch led display screen which is desinged to satifiy the demand of high quality pictures and videos in the screen. In the past 10 years, Colorlight LED is committed to design and produce valuable LED display products for our customers among China as well as overseas countrie, and one of our most matured products is P4mm indoor LED display. which has the features of SMD2121 encapsulations pattern, screen resolution of 62500 pixels density per square meter and top quality LED chip. As a indoor small pixel pitch LED screen, P4 full color SMD LED display has advantages that other manufacturers can't compare to, it makes image and video more clear and realistic -- Incomparable in visual effect and video performance. In addition, we not only ensure our P4 LED display procucts is a high quality, reliable and stable product, but also its has a affordable price in order to save our customers unnecessary expenses.

Because of outstanding visual performance and up to 1800nits brightness, Colorlight P4mm indoor SMD LED display screen are greatly commended by our customers. Easy maintenance, good uniformity, high quality, high reliability and stability quality  make our P4 LED sign is beyond comparison.  "From Comparison, Beyond Comparison", Colorlight LED are confident in our P4mm indoor SMD led display,  and also believe that our P4 LED sign will make you success in indoor advertising media applications.  welcome to wholesale Indoor SMD p4mm full color LED display from us, P2.5mm, P3mm, P5mm, P6mm, P7.62mm, P10mm pixel pitch options are available too.

P4mm LED video wall parameters:


Technical parameter

LED module

Module size


Pixel pitch


Pixel density


Pixel configuration


Led specification


Pixel resolution




640x640mm/768x768mm/896X896mm/1024x1024mm are avaliable

Power supply


Thermal discharge


Total weight


Best viewing angle



Storage: -35°C~+85°C

Working: -35°C~+85°C


10cm can adjustable

Remarks: cabinet size can changed, upon project need.


Working voltage


Average power consumption


Max. Power consumption



≤20mA(single LED)

Control system


Pentium4 or above

Operating system


Control method


Main technical parameter

Driving device

1/16 scan

Drive type

Constant Current driver IC

Refresh frequency


Grey scale/colors

256 levels of each color(R/G/B)/16.7M color

Brightness of white balance

More than 2500 cd/sqm

Brightness adjustment

256 levels of each color(R/G/B)by software

Operating ambient humidity


Video signal


Control system

DVI display card+full color controller card



Life span



Tolerance of interpixel ≤0.3mm

Tolerance of modules clearance≤0.6mm

Power switch

Automatic switch

Display mode



Colorlight LEDVISION


•Higher contrast ratio: High quality SMD2121 LED to ensure P4 LED sign has a high contrast rate and video is clearer and showy.
•Perfect visual effect: 62500 pixels density per square meter and 4mm pixel pitch make P4mm LED screen makes the image clearer and the layering stronger.
•Wide viewing angle: with Horizontal/160° and Vertical/160° viewing angle, the vivid picture or video showing on the screen will hold on your eyes wherever different angle.
•Incomparable stability: We always put the stability of our products at the first position. High quality LED, strict quality control and hundreds of performance test to ensure
each part works perfectly.
•Light and slim design: P4 LED sign adopts aluminum material to ensure the display light weight and thichness, easy to handle and transport.
•Easy installation and maintenance: module design to ensure easy installation and maintenance, front or rear service access are available depending on your installation.
•Energy saving: P4 LED screen use High quality LED power supply to save your cost, and more to ensure the led display continuously working.
•Low Brightness and High Gray scale:  Brightness can be adjustable, and keep superior consistency under low brightness status, even reduced to 20% brightness.