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Application of Transparent LED Display in Stage Background

transparent LED display, as its name implies, is that the LED display has the property of transmitting light like glass, and the transparency can reach 60%~90%, it have many applications in Stage Field.

Transparent LED Display, as its name implies, is that the LED display has the property of transmitting light like glass, and the transparency can not only reach 60%~90%, but also the display screen is light and thin, the design is stylish and beautiful, and the traditional LED is retained. The display is easy to control, low-voltage DC drive, rich color performance after combination, long service life, etc. At the same time, with a new visual experience and application experience into the public’s vision, by the market acclaim. In the past two years, with the continuous advancement of display technology, the thin and light appearance design and high-end atmosphere technology of LED transparent display screens have made it a dark horse in the industry, in the construction of curtain walls, large shopping malls, exhibitions, and choreography. And other areas shine. Especially in the current popularity of the entertainment industry, the unparalleled display effect, so that the Transparent LED display instantly became the “darling” of the field of the United States, highly favored by people in the industry.

Compared with conventional LED displays, Transparent LED displays have obvious advantages in the field of dance and beauty. They not only get rid of the thick and rigid appearance, but can also be used to create a variety of stage shapes based on the inspiration of costume designers. They also use Transparent LED displays themselves. Transparency, thinness, and other characteristics make the depth of field of the entire picture longer, resulting in a dreamlike visual effect, making the audience feel like they are in the situation and bring a strong visual impact. In addition, the choreography involves the integration of the light and the picture. The Transparent LED display not only does not hinder the space that the stage design leaves for the light suspension, but also has a minimal impact on the lighting effect due to its high transparency characteristics. The Transparent LED display has now been commonly used to blend in with the lighting, giving the stage a lively and aesthetic atmosphere, and more profoundly conveying the theme of the show.

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At this stage, in addition to the need for stage construction for traditional performing arts, with the rise of many new industries, there are more opportunities for the application of Transparent LED displays in the field of dance. E-sports is a market with huge volume and unlimited potential. As an open and performance-oriented event, on-site effects are particularly important. In a certain degree, they have the same effect as concerts, movies and other entertainment activities, and have a huge fan base. The prosperity of the e-sports industry will bring a huge market with absolute advantages to LED displays, and Transparent LED displays with excellent display effect will become the first choice for this multi-billion market. In addition, the exhibition industry is now prevalent and there are numerous exhibition events in various industries. In order to increase booth flow, companies have chosen to set up a stage and use visual impact to attract the attention of visitors, which also provides a huge opportunity for the development of Transparent LED displays. Market space.

While the application places are continuously diversified, along with the rise of immersive experiences such as 3D, VR, and AR, in order to meet the higher requirements of the end user’s visual experience, the application technology of Transparent LED displays in the dance field is also continuously innovating. Such as the 2017 League of Legends Global Finals scene, the opening show Transparent LED display combined with AR technology, so that the ancient dragons soaring over the nest, the lively three-dimensional picture, to bring the audience a surreal, dreamy, imaginary unique Experience. The combination of new technologies will bring more possibilities for Transparent LED displays in the field of dance. It will not only create a broader creative space for stage designers, but will also become a new trend in the development of LED displays in the field of dance.

Although LED transparent display has been recognized in the field of dance, but in terms of current market applications, most of Transparent LED displays are used in conjunction with conventional stage screens. The main reason is that they have certain short board problems. Compared with conventional led display screens, Transparent LED displays are crystal-clear and scientifically pleasing. However, in terms of display screens, their clarity and color plumpness are far less than those of the former. Especially under the premise that the viewing distance is continuously reduced, the performances of the screens presented by the performers are more demanding, and the Transparent LED displays cannot be used independently to completely replace the conventional stage screens.

At this stage of the technical level, the display can not achieve the coexistence of dot spacing and permeability, Transparent LED display can have high permeability, at the expense of the density of the display screen, the density, the display of the display The quality of the picture is bound to be impaired and cannot match the traditional LED large screen. In addition, the semi-transparent property also makes the transparent screen easily affected by light, and in the case of excessively bright light, the transparent effect of the transparent screen will also be weakened.

In addition, Transparent LED display as a high-tech product segmentation field, whether in the product price or follow-up maintenance prices are much higher than the conventional stage screen, so that the funds are not sufficient and the performance requirements are not high, the customer directly to give up The use of Transparent LED displays has led to the loss of most of the market in the stage of the dance industry. How to improve the definition of the display screen and reduce the R&D cost of the product has become a problem that Transparent LED display manufacturers need to solve urgently. However, in view of the current Transparent LED display market, there are few domestic large-scale enterprises with R&D strength, and the level of product R&D technology is also low. Not frontier, in the face of the ever-increasing market of staged stage artists, who can achieve technological breakthroughs and achieve mass production, will become the leader in Transparent LED display industry.

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