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How to Choose Stage Rental LED Display

In large-scale performances, theatrical show, star concerts, event site, we can see a variety of stage rental LED display. So what is the stage rental LED display? how to choose stage rental LED display?

In large-scale performances, theatrical shows, star concerts, and events, we can see a variety of stage Rental LED displays. So what is the stage rental LED display? How to choose a stage rental LED display?

How to Choose

First, the stage rental LED display, in fact, is applied to the stage background of the LED display, the biggest feature of this display is able to provide a rich stage performance background, combine the the realistic picture and the musical effects perfectly, creating a magnificent and modern spectacular scene; and can play large, clear match live screen, can make people feel immersive, subvert the traditional visual experience.

Second, the stage LED display consist of the main screen, vice screen, and extension screen. The main screen is the role of live broadcasts and exciting playback, in generally we always choose high-definition rectangular LED display for main screen, the pixel pitch is within P6mm, the larger area the better display effect, so that the scene on stage can be smoothly displayed in front of the audience. The main screen will be configured a number of sub-screen on both sides, we can use a special shape of creative LED display as vice screen, like S-shaped curved LED screen, flexible LED screen, cylindrical LED screen and other shaped LED screen. If the budget is limited, we can use the lower cost curtain LED display as side screen. Stage video expansion screen is generally used for large stage, concerts, etc., not only considering the back row of viewers, but also all viewers can clearly see everything on stage.

Third,  a suitable control system is very important for the stage LED display.In generally, the stage LED display area is relatively large, pixel pitch is high, the requirements of loading capacity of the sending card is high, and sometimes we need multiple sending card cascading splicing to control LED display. To display better, we usually need to use LED video processor, so that the video splicing and cutting, multi-window, picture-in-picture, scalability, video effects is more delicate and smooth.

Fourth, due to the particularity of stage LED display, we alway choose die-casting aluminum standardized cabinet, easy disassembly, light weight, easy to transport, quick to install, removal and transportation, suitable for large-scale rental and fixed installation applications. Currently the standardized cabinet size is 500*500mm, 500*1000mm. but we also provide other specifection if customer need. Please refer to the following tables

Pixel PitchDensity(dots/m2)Cabinet SizeModule ResolutionModule Size(mm)
Pixel PitchDensity(dots/m2)Cabinet SizeModule ResolutionModule Size(mm)

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