Outdoor Front Service Energy Saving LED Screen

Outdoor LED Screen
Front Service
Energy Saving
3 year Warranty

Outdoor Front Service Energy Saving LED Screen, frontal maintain LED display high quality LED video wall 800*900mm / 800*1200mm LED sign for outdoor application, 

Main Product Features:

1: Standard Size Panel: 400*300mm
2: Standard Cabinet Size: 800*900mm / 800*1200mm
3: High brightness, high gray scale, high refresh rate
4: Front and rear service

Product Parameters:


1: Outdoor Frontal Service LED Screen

OF800 Outdoor Frontal Service LED Display is UNIT latest outdoor fixed LED display with frontal service, Unique Cabinet desigh with 800*900mm / 800*1200mm dimension, Unique panel design with 400*300mm size. Ultra low heat, energy saving and excellent visual experience.


2: Two Size is Available

OF800 Outdoor Frontal Service LED Screen is designed with two size. 800*900mm and 800*1200mm is optional. Ultralight cabinet with 22kg for 800*900mm cabinet and 29kg for 800*1200mm cabinet. Ultra thin cabinet with 98mm thickness.


3: Frontal Service Design

OF800 Outdoor 800*900mm/800*1200mm LED Display is designed with frontal access feature. The LED panel can be assemble and disassemble in a few seconds with special tool. Step 1: Insert the module removal tool into the corresponding white holes on the front of the module ( total 5). Rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise to unlock the module lock. Step 2: Insert the two module handles into the corresponding red holes (total 4), one on the left and one on the right, rotate clockwise and fix it. then pull to remove the module.unit-of800-frontal-service-outdoor-led-display-12.jpg

4: Unique Panel Design

    Outdoor Frontal Service LED sign adopts 400*300mm LED module panel. New design techology and excellent display performance. Hidden handle design and uique fix holes for frontal service.


5: High Performance Visual Display

    Outdoor Frontal Service LED Video Wall adopt is high quality with high brightness display for outdoor application, the visual is excellent and stable with ultra high energy saving,


6: Energy Saving

Outdoor Frontal Service LED Video Wall has high efficiency and energy-saving, Ultra high energy saving performance is up to 30% compared with similar common LED display.


7: Multi Function

    With Soft LED module Mask and adjustable back brackets, Outdoor Frontal Service LED screen can be use as sports LED display and stadium Perimeter LED Display.


8: Sleamless Splicing

Seamless splicing design with fast locks, the LED display has no gaps and the LED screen is ultra high flatness.