• Colorlight Z8 LED Controller
Colorlight Z8 LED Controller

Colorlight Z8 LED Controller

Colorlight Z8 is a professional LED display controller for high-end applicationsofferingreal-timescaling, ultra-low latency, HDR, multi-window display and high color bit depth, featuringexcellent image quality, precision color reproduction and powerful video processing. Z8 supports a loading capacity of up to 35.38 million pixels, with a maximum width up to 16384 pixels. Equipped with 5G Ethernet ports and 10G optical fiber outputs, Z8 can reduce dramatically the cable quantity, such simplifies hardware connection on site. It meets the on-site configuration requirements for ultra-long, ultra-high and ultra-large screens.With swappable card design, Z8 allows for various hardware configuration according to actual field requirements.



.2×HDMI2.0, 2×DP1.2,2×12G-SDI,single port supports up to 4096×2160@60Hz.

.Input frame rate from 23.98Hz to 240Hz.

.8bit/10bit/12bit color depth.

.HDCP1.3/HDCP2.3 high-bandwidth digital content protection technology.


.Pixel to pixel output ofup to 8K (8192×4320@60Hz), with maximum 16384 pixels in width andmaximum 8192 pixels in height.

.5G Ethernet output boardand 10G optical fiber output board.

.Ethernet port and controller redundancy.

Video processing

.Cropping, broadcasting scaling and splicing of videos sources.

.Up to 4-window display.

.HDR 10 and HLG display.

.Framemultiplexing for multi-camera shooting of virtual background, support fusion output of multiple video signals.

.Frame rate multiplication with automatic multiplication and custom multiplication up to 10×.

.Better grayscale at low brightness for improving the grayscale performance in low brightness.

. Genlock.

Color adjustment

. Color curve for individually adjusting the RGB saturation and overall brightness at different grayscale levels.

. Color magic with multi-color adjustment based on HSV color model to realize color transformation.

. 3D-LUT for cinematic color adjustment, with color adjustment strength setting.

. Picture adjustment for hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness compensation.

. Brightness adjustment, support brightness adjustment based on Ethernet port groups.

. Color temperature adjustment with precision and RGB independent adjustment.


. USBport for control and cascading.

. LAN portfor TCP/IP control.

. RS232 protocol.

. Support multi-scene presets.


Colorlight Z8 LED Display Controller Product Specification (PDF Version)




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