• X20 LED Controller
  • X20 LED Controller
X20 LED ControllerX20 LED Controller

X20 LED Controller

Colorlight X20 LED Controller for LED display and LED Screen, C&Light X20 is a controller possessing powerful video signal input and processing capacity. It supports 4K inputs with DP1.4 and HDMI2.0 connectors, and 2K inputs with HDMI1.4 and DVI connectors, and the multiple signals can be seamlessly switched. A single unit features a loading capacity of 11.8 million pixels, with 16384 pixels in maximum width or 8192 pixels in maximum height. Equipped with 20 1000BASE-T Ethernet ports and 2 10GBASE-T optical ports, X20 is able to meet the need of different clients. Additionally, X20 boasts abundant practical functions that enable flexible screen control and high-quality image display.


·Input connectors: 1×DP 1.4, 1×HDMI2.0, 2×HDMI1.4, 2×DVI

·Loading capacity: 13 million pixels, maximum width: 16384 pixels, or maximum height: 8192 pixels

·Input resolution: up to 4096×2160@60Hz, supporting customized setting

·Output connectors: 20× Gigabit Ethernet port, 2×10G optical fiber port

·Support video source switching, cropping, splicing and scaling

·Support up to 6 windows, of which the location and size can be freely adjusted

·Separate audio input and output

·HDCP compliant

·Brightness and color temperature adjustment

·Better gray at low brightness

·Compatible with all series of receiver cards, multifunction cards and fiber converters of Colorlight


Colorlight X20 LED Display Controller Product Specification (PDF Version)


Colorlight X20 LED Display Controller Product User Manual(PDF Version)