• Rental LED Display M Series
  • Rental LED Display M Series
  • Rental LED Display M Series
  • Rental LED Display M Series
Rental LED Display M SeriesRental LED Display M SeriesRental LED Display M SeriesRental LED Display M Series

Rental LED Display M Series

Rental LED Display
500*500mm LED Screen Cabinet
High refresh rate, High definition
3 year Warranty

Colorlight Rental LED display, High refresh, High definition LED video wall back cover can be removed LED display, new design excellent visual effect LED screen for various LED screen application

Main Product Features:

1: Standard Size Panel: 250*250mm
2: Standard Cabinet Size: 500*500mm
3: High brightness, high gray scale, high refresh rate
4: front service or Back service

1: HD LED Screen

Latest Coloright Rental LED display product with unique designs and features. the back cover is detachable, the display effect is better with high refresh rate and high gray scale techology.


2: Stable and reliable

Colorlight M Series LED display is an excellent LED display product which features solid, easy, simple, precise, fast. the product can satisfy various indoor and outdoor rental LED screen requirement with strict standard.


3: Light weight Ultra Thin Cabinet

This Colorlight Rental LED Screen is ultra light and thin. Its lightness and portability would make it widely usable.  the product weight is about 7.2kg of indoor rental LED display, 7.6kg of outdoor rental LED screen, and 500×500mm×80mm cabinet structure design. the feature of lightweight make colorlight rental LED display M Series product has the advantages of convenient carrying, fast installation and easy disassembling.


4: Perfect Structure

Perfect cabinet structure from lifting handle, fast locks, panel handle, removable power & control box, hidden test button, stack installation joggle, power & signal indicator, power connector, signal connector, etc


5: Quick disassembly

Colorlight Rental LED display is designed with quick removable back cover for Power & Receiving box & hub board & connectors. the procuct is for different pixel pitches of indoor & outdoor installation.



6: Dual Service LED Display

Colorligh Rental LED Display M Series adopts dual service desigh with front rear two ways. Strong handle for LED module. There are 10 magnetics for each LED display module with strong installation pins


7: Easy Installation

Colorlight Rental LED Display M Series is very easy for installation with Human engineering design. the LED display installation is also very convenient for single person. fast and quickly.


8: Control Box

Adopting Optimized Control Box with Quick removable without any tools optional. Hidden testing button avoid false touch. Universe hub board for different pixel pitches. No cable connection for power supply & hub board. Optimized heat sinking design and Good quality connector pins.


9: Installation Way

Can be installed with Ground Stack Installation, Hanging Installation, Special shape / Panel Dislocation Installation, Concave & convex installation Easy, fast, quickly and save time.




Product Parameters: