• i6 LED Receiving Card
  • i6 LED Receiving Card
i6 LED Receiving Cardi6 LED Receiving Card

i6 LED Receiving Card

Colorlight i6 receiver card, LED Control System receiving Card,  LED Display Control System.

Colorlight i6 is COLORLIGHT special introduced high-end and all-purpose receiver card , featuring a small size with 63*33mm; it is adopt DDR2 SODIMM interface, can be easily integrated into the HUB board or unit plate of LED display, and achieves the high integration of the LED display module, which greatly facilitates the design of the LED display unit panel and structure.


• Large load capacity of 256*256 pixels for each card;
• Support 32 groups of RGB signal output.
• Support the cable detection
• Support the receiver card double backup and power supply double backup;
• Support any scan mode from static to 1/32 scan;
• Support smart module, save calibration coefficients and module parameters on module ;
• Support high-precision point-by-point calibration in the Brightness and the chromaticity;
• Support cabinet’s temperature, humidity, power supply voltage monitoring and fan rotating control
• Support error detection of LED on module point- by –point ;
• Support various freeform display, spherical display, creative display, etc.
• Superior versatile, supporting Gigabit Ethernet, T7 sending cards, Q7 HD transmitter, network video system, etc. all conventional sending equipment
• Wide working voltage range with DC3.3 -6V;