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Full Color P2.5 LED display Price and Quotation

how much a square meter of P2.5mm LED display? The price of one square meter LED display includes LED display module, power cord, cable, magnetic beads, network cable and other accessories.

how much a square meter of P2.5mm LED display? The price of one square meter LED display includes LED display module, power cord, cable, magnetic beads, network cable and other accessories. However, other auxiliary accessories are required to be purchased separately. Of course, if you really want to understand For the price of  P2.5 LED display square meters, please contact use, we will provide you with a free LED display quotation plan.

P2.5 LED display

Pp2.5 LED display is a flat panel display, consisting of a small 256mm*128mm and other different types of LED module panel, mainly used to display text, images, video, video signals and other information A smart product; LED display with a strong waterproof, high brightness, clear screen, stable quality, long life, display flexible and cheap, and so on!

P2.5 LED display as a few high-quality indoor full-color LED electronic display products, stable performance, vivid colors, HD playback screen, widely used in large-scale advertising display, financial trading venues, railways, civil aviation, stadiums, hotels, halls Cinemas, stations, ports, stages, studios, ballrooms, taxation, shopping malls, monitoring centers, weddings, conference rooms, weddings, etc.

If you just care about P2.5 LED display price? and ignore other parameters and materials which will also affect the LED display quality, then look at this joke:

Son asked: Dad, why do I need to read?

Dad said: If you read, you know when you buy LED display, what is the distance between points, the size of the LED chip, how much mil, refresh rate, grayscale, scanning method, maximum power consumption, average power Consumption, pixel resolution, discrete out-of-control points, viewing angle, IP65 protection rating, gold copper stent, copper copper stent and copper wire stent…

If you haven’t read, you will say: This is p2.5 LED displays. Why are so expensive? 】

This is just a joke, although this seems very funny, but it tell us there is many parameters to affect the LED display quality and the price is different if the paramenters is different.

How Much

How much a square meter of P2.5mm LED display ? I believe many of my friends may be searching for led display screen price. If you search like this, then you definitely don’t know which device is included in the price of a square meter of LED display screen. Here, Please refer to the following key points as  LED display price includes:

1, LED display Pixel Pitch: LED display Pixel Pitch refers to the LED display module on the lamp beads and the distance between the lamp beads; For example: P4 LED display Pixel Pitch is 4mm, P3 LED display Pixel Pitch is 3mm, P2.5 LED display Pixel Pitch is 2.5mm, and so on, P is the number of points is the number of points; the smaller the distance between points is more expensive, the more clear the display effect, the higher the pixel density, the more pixels, the more accurate Close up.

2, the size of the LED chip mil: mil is a size unit, a mil is one thousandth of an inch, 21mil is almost 1 mm, 15mil, 25mil, 27mil are commonly used size specifications of the 1W high power chip. In theory, the larger the chip, the greater the current and power that can be tolerated. However, the chip material and process are also the main factors affecting the power of the chip. For example, CREE 27mil chips can withstand 1W to 3W of power.

3, p2.5 LED display refresh rate: high-quality p2.5 LED display refresh rate is generally 1920HZ/second. The p4 LED display refresh rate refers to the number of times the electron beam repeatedly scans the image on the screen. The higher the refresh rate, the better the displayed image (picture) stability. The refresh rate will directly determine the price, but because the refresh rate and the resolution are mutually constrained, only a display with a high refresh rate under high resolution can be said to have excellent performance. [You can understand this way, the refresh rate is the number of times the screen is refreshed per second. When we watch a movie, we actually see a static picture, like a slide show. Why do we feel that the picture is moving? Because people’s eyes have a visual staying effect, the impression that the previous picture was left in the brain has not disappeared, and the next picture is followed, and the difference between the two pictures is very small. The picture is displayed so that we feel that the picture is moving. The replacement picture of this pair is refreshing. Suppose an action is completed with 20 pictures. We look a bit like cartoons, and this action increases to 30. If you look at Zhang’s words, it seems more natural. This is the refresh rate.

4, gray level: p2.5 LED display logic output level 16384, CRT visual 65536 gray level.

5, scanning way: there are many p2.5 LED display scanning ways. Scanning Way has little influence on the indoor P2.5 LED display price and quality. outdoor LED display price is affected by the scanning way, because the scanning method of LED display is lower, The higher the brightness of the screen, the more expensive of LED display! Each type of indoor LED display screen scanning way are mainly 1/16 scanning, 1/32 scanning; outdoor LED display mainly 1/2 scanning (this scanning way  is mainly p10 full color LED display), 1/4 scan, 1/8 scan.

6, the maximum power consumption, average power consumption: indoor p2.5 LED display maximum power is generally between 600W-1000W; outdoor LED display maximum power will be higher, generally between 700W-1200W; Average power consumption of LEd display is 1/3 of the maximum power consumption.

7, pixel resolution: p1.6 LED display a square meter of the pixel is 288000 points; p2 LED display one square meter of pixels is 250000 points; p2.5 LED display one square meter of pixels is 160000 points; p3 LED One pixel of the display screen is 111111 points; one pixel of the p4 LED display screen is 62500 points. So, the more pixels a square meter of LED display is, the more expensive it is? Of course yes, the more pixels per square meter, the more expensive the price and the higher the display effect is.

8, discrete out of control points: <0.0001 (pixel failure rate / discrete state), 1/10000 two years after the control point is 2-3/10000.

9, visual angle, IP65 protection level: p2.5 LED display viewing angle ≥ 140 °, IP65 protection level is the outdoor waterproof display protection level parameters, indoor p2.5 LED display protection class is IP40.

P2.5mm LED display Price and Quotation

1, LED display screen price: One square meter of LED display price is generally including the cabinet, LED module, power supply, connecting wire, etc. (Some indoor fixed installation LED screen dont have cabinet according to the actual situation, it can use bracket magnet adsorption) .

2, the LED display control system: the general screen within the 20 square with only one LED display send card, the LED display receiving card is based on the screen’s length and height to the actual accounting, receiving the number of points on the card to 128 * 256 is the best? General manufacturers will give a suitable amount to ensure the display effect and cost (special requirements led display items can be implemented according to actual requirements of remote control or wireless control).

3, the main control computer: General fixed installation is to use a desktop computer, rental of common notebook and external send card with the use of the computer’s configuration requirements is to be more than 1G of discrete graphics, supports 1920 * 1080 resolution display;

4, LED display video processor: the general fixed-installed small screen information updates are not very frequent, do not do live broadcasts can not be, if it is a big screen or to be live broadcast you need to buy, and hotels and conference rooms also need;

5, distribution cabinet:  We recommend customers to buy from the professional manufacturers, The power distribution system provided by LED display manufacturers is generally all intelligent, automatically switch the power of the LED large screen relying on computers.

6, power amplifier and stereo: According to the installation environment to buy, outdoor LED display needs waterproof funtion, customers can from LED display manufacturers;

7, LED display multi-function card: It can provide temperature, humidity, brightness and other parameter acquisition, can achieve automatic brightness adjustment and other functions. We recommend customer to buy;

8, steel frame structure: manufacturers provide CAD reference design drawings, customers can make according the drawings, if will reduce the cost of the LED display price if customers can make the steel frame structure. so It will be much cheaper for the P2.5 LEd display, but also can buy from LED display manufacturers;

9, the main cable, etc.: mainly from the power to the power distribution cabinet, the power distribution cabinet to the screen, and the main network cable of controlling computer to the main LEd screen.

10. Heat-dissipating equipment: Normally, the indoor does not need special heat-dissipating equipment in the normal environment. Air-conditioning and axial-flow fans are usually installed outdoors to improve the stability and life of the display.

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