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Outdoor LED Display Advantages

Older outdoor advertising models are no longer available. To meet the needs of users, traditional outdoor advertising has caused visual fatigue, so what is the advantages of outdoor LED display advertising compared with traditional outdoor advertising?

With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, major brand companies are increasingly demanding outdoor advertising. Older outdoor advertising models are no longer available. To meet the needs of users, traditional outdoor advertising has caused visual fatigue, so what is the advantages of outdoor LED display compared with traditional outdoor advertising?


Advertising format

Traditional advertising forms can only be expressed in graphic and text, and lack of creativity, it is easy to forget; led display screen is usually installed in public places and traffic arteries with high flow of people, attracting viewers’ initiative in the form of intuitive, vivid and vivid advertisements. Concern, wider scope, more compelling viewing than traditional media.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Traditional advertising is not conducive to environmental protection; the LED display used to broadcast advertisements is energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, and it is suitable for all kinds of harsh outdoor environments. It has anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning protection, strong seismic performance, high performance-price ratio, and display performance. Good features.

Published information

Every time a traditional advertisement publishes information, it is necessary to redesign and replace the entire advertisement, which requires labor costs and time-consuming and labor-consuming; and the LED display manufacturer’s advertisement is only connected to the computer through a data line connection or wireless communication method. Simple settings in the computer can be used to publish advertising content, which is convenient and fast.

Advertising content

Traditional advertising forms are limited in content and cannot fully express advertising content. LED display advertising, operators, and publishers can update LED display advertising content at any time. It is only necessary to operate the control computer. The update process is not limited by other external conditions.

Long release period

LED advertising is available throughout the day. 7:30-12:30 in the morning, and 14:00-22:00 in the morning (cyclic rolling broadcast) Size 15mX4m=60m2X2 (Double-sided, double-sided) Audience has a long time, eyes can not be avoided, and leads can be better guided , allowing businesses to achieve better publicity results at a lower cost.

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