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The small pixel pitch LED display has no patchwork, high brightness, high gray level, high contrast, and long service life. It is unmatched by other splicing screens, and it has also been recognized by the market and quickly seized a large number of indoor splicing markets. Share. To bring such a good performance to a small pixel pitch LED display can not be separated from the key components - LED lamp beads, the following is a brief introduction to the LED lamp.

The ubiquitous LED lamp beads

LED lamp beads are the components with the largest number of small pixel pitch led display screens and affect the display effect of small pixel pitch LED display screens. For the application of indoor small pixel pitch LED display screens, LED lamp beads are currently used in dark color and gold wire bonding. Three-in-one SMD lamp beads. There are three reasons why LED beads are key components of small pixel pitch LED displays:

1. The LED lamp beads are the components with the largest number of small pixel pitch LED display screens. Take the P1.6 small pixel pitch LED display screen as an example, the usage amount is as high as 360,000 units per square meter.

2, LED lamp beads of various performance indicators directly affect the performance of small pixel pitch LED display screen, affecting the audience's evaluation of the display.

3, LED lamp beads in the overall cost of the small pixel pitch LED display the largest proportion, as high as 30% to 70%.

Effect of LED lamp beads on small pixel pitch LED display

1, the impact on the brightness of the small pixel pitch LED display brightness depends on the size of the current into the LED lamp beads and LED lamp beads brightness performance. The greater the current used by the LED lamp beads, the greater the luminous brightness of the small pixel pitch LED display screen. The high-quality LED lamp beads have a good light conversion rate, and a very small current can be used to emit high-brightness light, which saves energy. It is good to keep the power of the LED display with a small gap.

2, the impact on the rate of out of control As the small pixel pitch LED display consists of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of pixels composed of red, green, and blue LED, the failure of any color LED will affect the overall visual effect of the display. In general, according to industry experience, the failure rate before the LED display starts to assemble and 72 hours before aging should not exceed 30% (the failure caused by the LED lamp itself). High-quality LED lamp beads The failure rate is very low. The LED display with high-quality LED beads can control the rate of out-of-control at less than one-hundredth of an entire screen.

3. Effect on service life The theoretical life of LED lamp beads is 100,000 hours, which is much longer than the working life of other parts of small pixel pitch LED display. Therefore, as long as the quality of LED lamp beads is guaranteed, the operating current is appropriate, the PCB thermal design is reasonable, and the display screen Rigorous production process, LED lamp bead will be one of the most durable components in the whole display screen, and the use of high quality LED lamp beads can achieve a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours with a small pixel pitch LED display and an MTBF of up to an average. 50,000 hours.

4. Impact on the viewing angle The viewing angle of a small pixel pitch LED display is determined by the viewing angle of the LED lamp beads. At present, the indoor display screens adopt horizontal and vertical LED light beads with ultra-wide viewing angle, so that the horizontal/vertical viewing angle of the small pixel pitch LED display screen can reach a viewing angle of 160 degrees.

5, the impact of the pixel pitch The size of the LED lamp beads affect the LED display pixel pitch and the entire screen resolution. SMD0707 type LED lamp beads are mainly used in LED display with P1.5 and below. SMD1010 LED lamp beads are mainly used in P1.6, P1.9, P2.0 LED display with small pixel pitch, and SMD2121 LED lamp beads are mainly used. P2.5, P3 small pixel pitch LED display. Under the premise of constant dot pitch, the size of the LED lamp beads increases, which can increase the display area and reduce the graininess. However, since the area of the black area is reduced, the contrast is reduced; on the contrary, the LED lamp beads are reduced in size and the display area is reduced. Increased graininess, increased black area, increased contrast.

6, the impact of the brightness / chromaticity / white balance consistency small pixel pitch LED display is composed of numerous red, green and blue LED pixels, the brightness of each color LED, wavelength consistency determines the entire Display brightness uniformity, white balance consistency, color consistency. In general, display manufacturers require device vendors to provide LED beads with a wavelength range of 5nm and a brightness range of 1:1.3. These specifications can be achieved by the device supplier using a spectrophotometric separator. Since the LED lamp beads are angled, the small pixel pitch LED display screen also has an angular directionality, that is, its brightness increases or decreases when viewed at different angles. In this way, the consistency of the angles of the red, green and blue LEDs will seriously affect the consistency of the white balance at different angles and directly affect the fidelity of the video color of the display screen. To achieve consistent matching of brightness changes of red, green, and blue LEDs at different angles, it is necessary to strictly design the package lens design and raw material selection, depending on the packaging vendor's technical level. The display with even white balance in the normal direction, if the LED lamp beads have poor consistency in angle, the white balance effect of the entire screen at different angles will be bad. The LED lamp bead angle consistency characteristics can be measured with an LED angle comprehensive tester, which is particularly important for medium and high-end displays.

7, the impact of anti-static ability LED lamp beads are semiconductor devices, sensitive to static electricity, easily lead to electrostatic failure, so the anti-static ability of the display screen is critical to the life. High-quality LED lamp beads can withstand 50Hz, 1500V (AC rms) test voltage for 1 minute without insulation breakdown. 8. Effect on the attenuation characteristics The phenomenon of decreased brightness and inconsistent display colors may occur after the LED display is operated for a long time, which is mainly due to the attenuation of the brightness of the LED lamp beads. Attenuation of LED lamp brightness will result in reduced screen brightness. The inconsistency of the brightness attenuation of red, green, and blue LEDs can cause inconsistencies in the color of the LED display, which is what we often say about the display. High-quality LED lamp beads can well control the brightness attenuation. According to 1000 hours normal temperature light 20mA standard, red attenuation should be less than 2%, blue, green attenuation should be less than 10%, so blue, green LED display screen design do not try to use 20mA current, it is best to use only 70% to 80 % of rated current. In addition to the attenuation characteristics of red, green, and blue LEDs, the use of current, thermal design of the PCB board, and ambient temperature of the display panel all affect attenuation.

LED lamp beads features

1,4-PIN RGB package, chip linear arrangement;

2, using black packaging substrate, improve color contrast;

3, the product is light weight, single LED weight is as small as 1.0mg;

4, can achieve all black RGB package; optical loss 25%;

5, can achieve the minimum size 0.5 * 0.5mm RGB package;

6, the product surface matte surface treatment, the screen light more gentle;

7, using silicone compression molding technology to improve product temperature resistance, UV resistance, stress resistance. Low-pitch LED display with high-quality LED lamp beads with adjustable brightness of 0~1200cd/m2, super-wide viewing angle of 160 degrees horizontal/vertical, low control rate of one-hundred-thousandth of an entire screen, and long time of 100,000 hours Lifetime, average failure-free operation time up to 50,000 hours, brightness uniformity of not less than 98%, color uniformity of ± 0.003Cx, within Cy, with up to 99% of light utilization, power consumption is only half of the DLP and LCD not It is energy-saving, environmental-friendly and easy to maintain. Such superior performance has won the recognition of customers.

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