LED display Classification and Application

According to the use of the environment Led display is divided into indoor and outdoor display two types; according to the size of the luminous pixels into φ3mm, φ3.75mm, φ5mm, φ8mm, φ15mm, φ19mm and φ20mm, etc.; according to the light  color of the pixel Led display is divided into monochrome, red and green dual-color, red, green and blue (RGB) three-color full-color screen; according to the display control method Led display is divided into communication screen and video display. In addition, led display can also be classified according to the characteristics of use, such as strip screen, dot matrix screen, dot matrix digital hybrid screen and road traffic variable information board. The led display screens of different types and performances differ greatly in material composition, manufacturing process, and control technology, and the technical connotation differs significantly.

Due to its large size, wide viewing angle, high brightness, and bright colors, LED displays have a wide range of applications in monochrome marking and full-color display. With the development of LED technology, LED displays have become a mainstream product of flat panel displays with outstanding advantages, and have been widely used in finance, transportation, sports, advertising, and other collars. With the acceleration of the social informationization process, the application of LED displays in the field of information display will be more extensive. The specific applications of LEDs in social and economic life mainly include:

(1) Station and port passenger guidance information display. The automation system of the passenger terminal, which is composed of an information and broadcasting system with LED display as the main body, a train-to-send reminder system, and a ticketing information system, has become an important content for the development and transformation of railway stations and ports in China.

(2) Airport flight information display. The requirements for the display of civil aviation airport construction are very clear. The led display is the preferred product of the Flight Information Display System (FIDS).

(3) Sports stadium information display. Led display as the game information display glaze game live play the main means, has replaced the traditional lighting and CRT display, become a modern sports stadium must be one of the facilities.

(4) Road traffic information display. In the fields of urban transportation and highways, the development of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) has promoted the wide application of LED display screens as variable information boards and speed limit signs.

(5) Advertising media. In addition to a single large indoor and outdoor LED display as advertising media, cluster led display advertising system, train LED display advertising system has also been adopted and promoted.

(6) Exhibition. The led display is one of the important services provided by the organizers of the exhibition and provides exhibitors with leasing services. There are also some large professional LED display leasing companies abroad, and some larger manufacturers provide leasing services.

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