How to Improve the Quality of LED Display

The display effect of the full-color LED display directly relates to the user and the audience. In order to obtain a perfect use experience, it is necessary to control and improve the quality of the led display. For the LED to be used only in these areas, it is indispensable for large-scale activities such as various advertisements, playing activities, company gatherings, press releases, and plays, and most companies directly rent to the lighting and audio rental company. The security and stability of full-color LED displays is particularly important in the entire process of use, especially in the rental series that act as activities. So, how to control and improve the quality of full-color LED display? What are the important indicators to reflect the LED quality of full-color LED display?

1. It is required that the power supply be stable, and that the grounding protection is good. Do not use it under harsh natural conditions, especially strong lightning weather. To avoid the problems that may be encountered, we can choose passive protection and active protection, and try to keep the items that may cause damage to the full-color display screen away from the screen, and clean the screen as much as possible to wipe the possibility of harm. Minimized. Turn off the led display first and then turn off the computer.

2. Keep the humidity of the environment of the full-color LED display. Do not allow anything with moisture properties to enter your full-color LED display. Powering up large screens with full-color displays that contain humidity can cause corrosion of parts of the full-color display, causing permanent damage.

3. If water enters for various reasons, please immediately switch off the power and contact maintenance personnel until the display panel inside the screen is dry.

4, full-color LED display switch sequence:

A: First open the control computer to enable normal operation and then open the led display screen.

B: It is recommended that the large screen of the led display screen be greater than 2 hours daily. In the rainy season, the large LED screen screen should be used at least once a week. Normally, the screen is turned on at least once a month and lighted for more than 2 hours.

5, do not play for a long time in full white, full red, full green, full blue and other bright screen, so as to avoid causing excessive current, power line heat is too large, LED light damage, affecting the display life.

6, do not disassemble, splicing the screen arbitrarily! LED full-color display screen and our users are the most closely related, do a good job of cleaning and maintenance is also very necessary.

7, long exposure to the outdoor environment, wind, sun, dust and other easily dirty, a period of time, the screen must be a piece of dust, which requires the timely cleaning of the surface of the dust-covered soil for a long time to affect the viewing effect.

8, led large screen surface can be wiped with alcohol, or use a brush, vacuum cleaner dust, can not be wiped directly with a damp cloth.

9, led curtain screen need to regularly checked to ensuer its normal work, whether there is damage to the line, if not to be replaced in time, the line has to be repaired or replaced in a timely manner. Led display large screen internal lines, non-professionals are forbidden to touch, in order to avoid electric shock, or cause damage to the line;

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