LED Display Pixel Dot

To know the number of LED display Pixel Dots, you must first know the full-color led display screen area and model information in order to specifically calculate the dots of pixle on the LED display. The following full-color LED display manufacturers to tell you how to calculate the full-color LED display points.

First of all for everyone to popularize the concept of spacing full color LED display, P mean is the abbreviation point, representing the distance between the center point and the center point, it is often said of the pitch, pitch default unit is mm . The indoor LED display P3 has a dot pitch of 3 mm, the indoor LED display P2 has a dot pitch of 2 mm, and so on.

For example, the indoor LED display P4, the distance between the dots is 4mm, and the area of one square meter of P4 is 62500. The calculation method is as follows:

1 square meter is the area of 1000mm in length and 1000mm in width, so there can be so many points in length: L=1000mm/4mm=250 points. Similarly, there are also H=1000mm/4mm=250 points in width, due to all the points. All are regular matrix arrays, so on an area of 1 square meter there will be L*H=(1000mm/4mm)*(1000mm/4mm)=250*250=62500 points.

In order to give everyone a more profound understanding of the full-color LED display point calculation methods, here to customize the P4 full-color LED display as an example, the required size is 5 meters long, 3 meters wide, a total area of 15 square meters, then there are two The calculation method is for reference:

First, the estimation method: L*H=(5000mm/4mm)*(3000mm/4mm)=937500 points.

Second, the precise method: Suppose size is 128mm x 64mm cell plate, the plate is the number of cells required length 5000mm / 128mm = 39.06 ≈39 block, wide, 3000mm / 64mm = 46.875 block ≈47 block; actual length Screen It is 39*128/1000=4.992 meters. The actual screen width is 47*64/1000=3.008 meters. The actual number of points of the entire LED display is L*H=(4992mm/4mm)*(3008mm/4mm)=938496 points.

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