10 details to keep outdoor LED display safe

In recent years, outdoor LED display has become the darling of outdoor media advertising. For commercial customers, effective maintenance can ensure long-term stable operation of outdoor LED display. The following are some details that should be noted in the use of the relevant manufacturers:

Outdoor LED display
1. Switch Power sequence:

A: After the control computer is turned on to enable normal operation, the outdoor LED display is turned on again.

B: Close the outdoor LED display first, and then shut down the computer;

2. Found that the fracture or other damage should be promptly replaced, special screws, pins, bearing beams, etc.;

3. Regular inspection of products and steel structure welding point surface anti-corrosion anti-rust paint whether there is off phenomenon, if there is flaking or rust should be sprayed anti-rust paint or anti-rust paste;

4. The power supply should be stable, and the grounding protection is good. Do not use it in harsh natural conditions, especially strong lightning weather. Check the reliability of the lightning rod and grounding system regularly;

5. Check the rainy season to determine if there is a leak;

6. Regularly check the power supply and signal cable for broken or biting;

7. Check the product distribution system every six months;

8. The outdoor LED display exposed to the outdoor environment for a long time is easy to be contaminated with dust. Can use alcohol to wipe, or use a brush, vacuum cleaner for dust, but can not be wiped directly with a damp cloth;

9. According to the large-screen automatic pre-setting mode, one-on-one testing of start, stop, brightness adjustment, program list, etc.

10. The outdoor LED display needs more than 2 hours of rest everyday, and it should be used at least once a week in the rainy season. Turn on the screen at least once a month and light it for more than 2 hours.

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