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Quality Control of LED Screen

Worried about the quality of your LED display before making the final payment? 

Colorlit, a leading LED display manufacturer, implements a comprehensive and stringent quality control process, ensuring each step of LED display production undergoes meticulous inspection. We provide detailed quality inspection checklists, along with photos and videos, to assure you of our high standards. This rigorous approach guarantees that you receive top-quality LED display panels before finalizing your payment.

  • Complete and strict quality control process
  • Strict quality inspection for every step
  • inspection checking images and videos
SMD machines of Colorlit LED factory 2

Before the Process of Production

To ensure the quality of LED display screens, we develop a comprehensive quality control plan before production. This includes selecting high-quality raw materials, verifying product details and customer confirmations, and clarifying specific production requirements with the factory manager. These steps guarantee that the LED display wall meets our high standards.

high quality led material

Quality Material

Before production begins, we meticulously review and confirm the quality of the raw materials to ensure LED display meets the standards of excellent quality, setting a solid foundation for the entire production process.

Confirm LED Display Solution

Once the order is confirmed, we engage in multiple confirmations with the customer regarding the product solution. This includes verifying the logo, accessories, and structure to ensure that all aspects align with the customer's expectations and requirements.

Confirm Production Details

This is the most critical part of the pre-production process. When arranging an order with the production manager, we list all requirements in detail to ensure that every link in the production chain meets the customer's order specifications.

LED Screen Panel Production Process

ColorlitLED follows stringent production processes and maintains clean production workshop standards. We provide comprehensive training for our employees to ensure adherence to production requirements and place a strong emphasis on quality inspection throughout the production process to guarantee the excellent quality of the final product.

Dust-Free LED display Production Workshop

Dust-Free Production Workshop

Our dust-free production workshop enhances the stability and longevity of the LED display by minimizing contamination and defects.

Advanced Production Equipment

Utilizing precision production instruments to improve production efficiency and product reliability, ensuring that each component meets our exacting standards.

Multiplex testing of led modules

Multiplex Testing

Multiple testing processes to comprehensively review the quality ane ensure product performs optimally under various conditions.

LED Module Lighting Test

Detailed lighting tests to ensures that all LEDs function correctly and uniformly, contributing to the overall visual quality of the display.

LED module aging test

LED Module Aging Test

Performing a 24-hour aging test on the LED panels to helps identify and rectify any potential issues, ensuring the panels are fully functional and reliable.

Full LED screen aging

Full LED Screen Aging

After assembling the LED cabinets, we build the entire LED screen board and subject it to an aging test for at least 72 hours.

After Finishing the Production

Understanding the diverse needs of our customers, Colorlit LED offers two thoughtfully designed packaging options: flight boxes and wooden boxes. Each option is tailored to provide maximum protection for your LED screen displays during transportation.

flight boxes for led screens

Flight Cases

Ideal for customers who prefer efficient air freight, our flight boxes are designed to be robust and secure, ensuring that your LED screens arrive safely and in pristine condition

wooden boxes for led screens

Wooden Cases

For those who opt for affordable sea freight, our wooden boxes provide a sturdy and reliable packaging solution.

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