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LED displays Waterproof Way

When the outdoor LED display in natural weather, how can we protect it with waterproof function? How should  indoor display screens with moisture-proof when in wet weather? This is a problem we have to fact to.

indoor LED display attention to ventilate to wet

For indoor LED displays, choose moderate ventilation first. Moderate ventilation can help to quickly evaporate vapors that adhere to the display and reduce the humidity in the indoor environment. Avoid the need to ventilate in a windless and humid air, which will increase the indoor humidity; Place a desiccant in the room medicine, use physical moisture absorption method to reduce the moisture in the air; or open the air conditioner to dehumidify, the display installation space It is better to install air conditioners. You can turn on the air conditioners for dehumidification and other tasks in wet weather.

Outdoor Waterproof

Outdoor LED display focuses on waterproof

The outdoor LED display itself is in a more complex environment than indoor ones. The moisture proof method can be used indoors. However, outdoor screens need not only consider wet issues, but also need waterproofing and routine maintenance, especially during the rainy season. A good seal installation can obviously help the display to reduce the risk of water ingress. It is necessary to regularly remove dust from the inside and outside of the display screen. It can also help the display to better dissipate heat and reduce the adhesion of water vapor. So the most important thing is that outdoor full-color LED display waterproof is important in the prevention of production and construction.

However, in the process of use, the excessive humidity of the LED devices such as the PCB board, power supply, and power supply cable is relatively easy to cause oxidation corrosion, resulting in a fault condition. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the production of led display screens. The PCB board should be well-prepared for anti-corrosion treatment. For example, the surface should be painted with three anti-paints, etc. The power supply and power cord must be made of high-quality accessories. The selected waterproof cabinet has good sealing performance and the screen body must reach IP65. The welding place is very easy to be corroded place, should pay attention to doing well the protective work, especially put forward the frame, very easy to rust, need to do rust-proof treatment.

For different cell board materials, you need to use professional waterproof coating, where the user outside the P10 full-color outdoor LED display as an example. First of all, make sure that the P10 full-color outdoor cell board is magnet-adsorption or screws (the screws are good and the magnets are slightly worse; see if there is a waterproof slot on the unit board kit, if any, then the frontal waterproofing is basically not a big problem, even that if the cell board is fixed with a magnet, there is no problem too, so we need to pay attention to the waterproof problem of the back panel of the outdoor LED display . In the process of using the display panel, we can see that the back panel LED display is not only cooling The treatment is even more convenient in dealing with the waterproof performance.When dealing with the backside waterproof coating, pay more attention to the waterproof performance of the aluminum plate in the back of the small strip display screen. The electric drill is needed under the aluminum plastic plate. The design of a row of nozzles is not only conducive to display waterproof, but also conducive to the display’s heat dissipation, is a good display screen processing.

   After the structure is determined, according to the characteristics of the structure, it is necessary to consider that the sealing strip material has a hollow bubble tube structure, a small compression set rate, a large elongation at break, etc.; after selecting the sealing strip material, it is necessary to use these materials according to the sealing strip. Proper design of the contact surface and contact force, and the sealing strip extruded to compact. In some installations, do key protection and make sure that no water is present inside the display. In this way, we can ensure that the display will not be subject to human factors due to quality problems during the rainy season.

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