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LED Display Connection Ways

LED display assembly is not easy. Explore the various LED display connection ways to know more about how to assemble the LED Screen

LED display assembly is not easy, just like configuring an assembled computer, even LED display assembly is more complicated, more steps to pay attention to. It is connected by many modules, and the module is assembled by a lot of lamp beads. The steps in this process are a loop and a loop. The loop must be careful, otherwise the effect of the led display screen will be affected.

Connection Ways

The following describes the four LED display connection ways:

First, the overall series form: the LED1-n in the general simple series connection mode is connected end to end, and the current flowing through the LED display is equal during operation. The other is an improved way of using a series connection with a bypass of 1.1.

Second, the overall parallel form: one is a simple parallel form, the other is a parallel form of independent matching. The LED1-n in the simple parallel connection mode is connected in parallel end to end, and each LED is subjected to the same voltage during operation. This kind of reliability is not high, but it also competes for this problem and adopts an independent matching parallel form. It has the advantages of good driving effect, complete protection of a single LED display screen, no other work during failure, and a large difference in matching.

Third, the mixed form: The combination of merits proposed by the parallel and tandem claims. It also includes two kinds. One is the first-and-after-parallel hybrid method, and the other is the first and second post-hybrid method.

Fourth, the cross array form: Cross array shape is mainly to improve the reliability of LED display work, reduce the failure rate proposed.

There are many kinds of LED display connection methods, and each step does not tolerate connection errors. Therefore, it is necessary for engineering and technical personnel to understand. The above four connection forms have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the specific problems are analyzed and finally found. It is suitable for connecting the LED display form.

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