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How to choose an indoor rental LED display

LED display can be divided into indoor LED display and outdoor LED display for each of application environmental,So how to choose indoor rental LED display? there are 4 key point as following

LED display can be divided into indoor LED display and outdoor LED display for each application environmental, the requirements for hardware and software of different applications of the LED display are not the same. When we purchase the rental LED display , you can not use the standard of outdoor LED display to choose, but we can consider the overall decision according to the specific indoor environment. So how to choose indoor Rental LED display? there are 4 key point as following.

How To Choose

First, the brightness: Brightness is a great factor of the indoor LED display, high brightness easily damage human vision, endanger human health, brightness is too low will make LED display image not clear. In general, the indoor LED display brightness between800cd / ㎡ and 2000cd / ㎡ is appropriate, different brands LED display products, the brightness is also different.

Second, the viewing angle: LED display viewing angle directly determines how many LED display audience . The larger the viewing angle the better, the audience will be covered more, viewing angle LED die encapsulation by the way. So choose
Indoor rental LED display should also pay attention to the LED encapsulation.

Third, the flatness: the flatness of LED display will affect the quality of the display image. The cabinet surface flatness of Indoor rental LED display is maintained within ± 1mm, the partially raised or recessed surface of the LED display cabinet will lead to the viewing angle of LED display has blind areas. The quality of flatness is determined by the production process, LED display manufacturers should pay attention to this issue.

Fourth, the color reproduction: The color reproduction of LED display refers to the color of the display screen to keep the same with the source, so as to ensure the authenticity of the image.

Fifth, dead spots: Dead Points of  LED display appears on the screen is always bright or single black point, the number of dead spots mainly decided by the quality of the die. The lower the dead point, the better the LED display will be.

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