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How to Choose LED Display Cabinet

Explore detailed information about How to Choose LED Display Cabinets for various LED projects, indoor, outdoor, front service, etc

Based on material type there is “Iron plate LED display cabinet”, “DIe-Aluminum LED display cabinet”. According to maintenance methods, LED display cabinet can be divided into two basic type: “back door maintenance LED display cabinet” and “Front Open Lid LED display cabinet”.

Iron cabinet

Iron plate LED display cabinet is used for fixed LED display advertisement as it is more heavy. and it also occupies a major share of the LED display market because of its high quality and high cost-effectiveness. this type of LED display cabinet allows customization because of steel structure can be cut and bent into many shapes. With this advantage, most of clients choose it for advertisement or other applications with different sizes and shapes. 

Die-Aluminum Cabinet

Die-Aluminum LED display cabinet is mainly used in rental applications because of lighter weight cabinet, for example, 500mmx500mm size Die-Aluminum LED display cabinet is only 7.5kg.640mmx640mm size cabinet panel is only 8.5kg. also, it can achieve a higher precision when connected. Also, Die-Aluminum LED display have advantages in transport and is easy to disassemble and assemble, it can be installed in just 10 seconds because of fast lock design.

 Currently, the 500mmx500mm size Die-Aluminum LED display is our recommended product if you want to choose a Rental LED display for indoor or outdoor, The pixels are mainly with the following 5 types: P2.98mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm, P5.95mm, P6.25mm. All LED module sizes are standard 250mmx250mm. but we also provide other specifications if the customer needs them. Please refer to the following tables.

Pixel PitchDensity(dots/m2)Cabinet SizeLEDs TypeModule ResolutionModule Size(mm)
P2.98mm112608500mmx500mmSMD1515-Black LED84*84250*250
P2.98mm112608500mmx1000mmSMD1515-Black LED84*84250*250
P3.91mm65746500mmx500mmSMD2121-Black LED64*64250*250
P3.91mm65746500mmx1000mmSMD2121-Black LED64*64250*250
P4.81mm43264500mmx500mmSMD2121-Black LED52*52250*250
P4.81mm43264500mmx1000mmSMD2121-Black LED52*52250*250
Pixel Pitch Density(dots/m2) Cabinet Size LEDs Type Module Resolution Module Size(mm)
P2mm 250000 512mmx512mm SMD1515-Black LED 128*64 256*128
P2.5mm 160000 480mmx480mm SMD2121-Black LED 64*64 160*160
P3mm 111111 576mmx576mm SMD2121-Black LED 64*64 192*192
P4mm 62500 512mmx512mm SMD2121/SMD2727 64*32 256*128
P5mm 40000 640mmx640mm SMD2121/SMD2727 64*32 320*160
P6mm 27777 576mmx576mm SMD3528/SMD2727 32*32 192*192
P6.67mm 22478 640mmx640mm SMD3535 48*24 320*160
P8mm 15625 640mmx640mm SMD3535 40*20 320*160
P8mm 15625 768mmx768mm SMD3535 32*16 256*128
P10mm 10000 960mmx960mm 640mmx640mm SMD3528/SMD3535 32*16 320*160

Back Maintenance Cabinet

When customers need a giant-sized LED display, we always recommend they choose a back door maintenance LED display cabinet. this back service maintenance type LED displays require at least 80CM room available behind the LED display to ensure we can get into to do the operation.

Back door maintenance LED display cabinet

But in some projects, there’s no room behind of the LED display screen. In this case, we can design the cabinet thin and the LED module is front maintenance type so that customers can assemble an LED module from the front side of the LED display.

front maintenance typ LED display cabinet

Front Open Lid cabinet

However, in some installations, it’s not convenient to use a back door open maintenance LED display as the restriction of the installation environment requirement. For example, the installation location doesn’t have a maintenance room behind of the LED display. Front Open Lid LED display cabinet is suitable for LED screens with a height of less than 2m. To summarise, if the height of the LED display cabinet is less than 2m. and no maintenance room on the back side of the LED display. In this case, customers can choose the front open-lid LED display cabinet.

Front Open Lid LED display cabinet

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