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Factors that affect the Visual effect of LED display

There are many factors that affect the visual effect of the LED display, such as brightness, pixel pitch, flatness of the screen, attenuation and failure rate of the lamp beads, working environment, etc.

There are many factors that affect the visual effect of the LED display, such as brightness, pixel pitch, flatness of the screen, attenuation and failure rate of the lamp beads, working environment, etc. Next, We will explain in detail the five factors that affect the visual effect of LED display.


First, the pixel pitch

The influence of the pixel pitch on the sharpness is very obvious. The smaller the pixel pitch, the finer the led display screen. The reduction of pixel pitch must have mature technology as the core support. From the current trend, the reduction of pixel pitch is an inevitable choice for the market. However, relatively speaking, the smaller the pixel pitch, the greater the cost of the input and the higher the price.

Second, the screen flatness and screen surface reflectance

Partially protruding or recessed LED display screen will cause the viewing angle of the display screen to have a dead angle, the surface flatness should be within ± 1mm, in order to ensure that the display image does not distort, LED display through the panel and LED light tube The special process can reduce the reflectivity of the LED panel while ensuring the flatness of the screen surface, and can also improve the contrast of the display screen (the higher the contrast, the easier the eyes of the person can distinguish the light and shade conversion process in the dynamic image).

Third, LED display gray scale

Gray scale refers to the brightness level of the single primary color brightness of the full-color LED display screen, which can be distinguished from the darkest to the brightest. The higher the gray scale, the richer the color and the brighter the color; otherwise, the display color is single, changeable. simple. The increase in gray level can greatly increase the color depth, so that the display level of the image color increases geometrically. Oleida COB small pitch LED display uses high quality LED lights, low light and high gray, the screen is more clear and vivid, the picture quality is more delicate.

Fourth, lamp beads quality and failure rate

The LED display is composed of 10,000 or even hundreds of thousands of red, green, and blue LED lamp beads. LED lamp beads slowly decay with the use of time. LED lamp brightness decay speed and LED chip, auxiliary materials, packaging process have a certain degree of correlation. In general, after 1000 hours and 20 mA normal temperature lighting test, the attenuation of red LED lamp beads should be less than 7%, and the attenuation of blue and green LED lamp beads should be less than 10%. The consistency of red, green, and blue attenuation has a great influence on the white balance of the full-color LED display in the future, and thus affects the display fidelity of the display. At the same time, good lamp beads have a low failure rate, and even if the aging rate is 72 hours, the failure rate will not be higher than one ten-thousandth.

Fifth, the use of stability and safety

When the LED display is in operation, the stability and safety are particularly important. The design of the LED display cabinet is very important. The increase in the temperature of the thermal conversion of the components will result in the degradation of the image quality. Therefore, a good ventilation and heat dissipation design is an indispensable and important indicator in the design of the cabinet. On the one hand is its circuit protection, on the other hand is the safety, as well as the role of dust, waterproof. At the same time, the matching power supply can not only look at the low price and ignore its performance and quality. The power supply under different temperature conditions, its working stability, output voltage and load capacity will be different because it serves as a post-sale protection. Therefore, its safety performance directly affects the quality of the picture.

After ensuring that the above five points, you want to achieve the best display of LED display, but also to ensure a good use of the environment, if the actual working temperature exceeds the product’s scope of use, not only its life will be shortened, the product itself will be severe The damage. Shooting should pay attention to the best shooting distance, different spacing, different fill factor LED screen, the appropriate shooting distance is not the same

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