Colorlight LEDUpgrade V3.0

Colorlight LEDUpgrade V3.0 Setup, Support multi language such a as Chinese and English, etc.

V3.0 Release Note

1. Added upgrade function of smart module, multi-function card and optical transceiver.
2. Added support for receiving cards i7+/i9+/K5+/K9+/E320/E320P/E80/75E pro.
3. The receiving card supports the fw file format upgrade.
4. Added support for eV4/Z6 PRO/Z4R/4k pro/4k lite/X3/X5/X6/X7X2s/X4s.
5. Increase fiber optic transceiver H10FN support.
6. Send card custom product model support.
7. Support M3/K5+ ARM upgrade.
8. Determine the encryption information when the card is upgraded.
9. Z6 PRO can choose to upgrade the program, preset Z6 PRO font.
10. Fixed some bugs.