Colorlight Calibration Pro V5.2 Setup

Colorlight Calibration Pro V5.2 Setup download.

List of new features

1. Add support for chromaticity correction recognition and optimization of abnormal coefficients caused by caterpillars;

2. Increase the optimization of abnormal coefficients caused by dirty spots on the camera and lens when supporting chromaticity correction;

3. Added support for automatic recognition of ambient light function;

4. Added support for curved screen function;

5. Added support for single transmitter and multiple transmitter sub-screen correction functions;

6. Added support for calibration of spare parts;

7. Added support for prompting that the number of jump points of the four-in-one module is odd;

8. Add support for COB module;

9. Increase focal length memory and reminder function during image acquisition;

10. Add 80D camera support;

List of improvements

1. Synchronize the bottom layer of LEDVISION7.0;

2. Optimize the new project wizard;

3. Optimize network connection interface settings;

4. Optimize the sewing effect;

5. Optimize the effect of removing dirty spots;

6. Known bug fixes.



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