Colorlight LEDVISION V8.5 Setup

Download latest Colorlight LEDVISION Setup V8.5, Colorlight LEDVISION Control System Software used for Colorlight LED Display control system, Support Chinese and English multi-language install, Free And Safe.

[Version 8.0]

1.Support for new controller CM2K,K20,Z6PRO_G2,X16E;

2.Support for new Receiver Card HC5,i10,K10;

3.Added support for some driver ICs and decode ICs;

4.Fix the problem that the flash program cannot be played;

5.Added 16bit/18bit+ Grayscale Refinement function;

6.Added Double Calibration and Low Gray Calibration function;

7.Maximum module width and height support 1023,Maximum Receiver Card width and height support 2047;

8.Fixed some known bugs.

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