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Colorlight Z6 PRO-G2 LED Video Controller

Colorlight Z6 PRO-G2 LED Video Controller for LED display and LED Screen, Maximum capacity of 13.10 million pixels, with maximum 8192 pixels in width and 8192 pixels in height
Colorlight Z6 PRO-G2 LED Video Controller
Colorlight Z6 PRO-G2 is a new-generation professional LED display controller. Combining video splicing, video processing and sending functions, it not only has powerful video signal receiving, UHD image processing and LED display control capabilities, but also has cinematic professional color adjusting functions such as 3D-LUT, Color Magic and Color Curve. It enables the LED to display high-quality images, and provides customers with abundant and practical functions. It can be widely applied in various scenarios such as high-end stag eleasing, XR virtual shooting, and movie shooting.



. Three types 4K input cards: HDMI 2.0, DP1.2, 12G-SDI.

. Four 4K input slots, up to 4096×2160@60Hz resolution per input card.

. Input8bit /10 bit video signals.

. Support 23.98Hz to 240Hz frame rate.


. Maximum capacity of 13.10 million pixels, with maximum 8192 pixels in width and 8192 pixels in height.

. 4×10G fiber outputs (Two main outputs, two backupoutputs) .

. Support output frame rate from 23.98Hz to 240Hz.

Video processing

. Up to 4-window display.

. Support cropping, broadcasting level switching and seamless switching.

. Low latency, support arbitrarily selecting one signal to turn on it slow latency function,with at least one-frame latency.

. HDR10 and HLG display with wide gamut HDR display.

. Frame multiplexing for multi-camera shooting of virtual background, support fusion output of multiple video signals.

. Frame rate multiplication with automatic multiplication and custom multiplication up to 6×.

. Better grayscaleat low brightness for improving the grayscale performance in low brightness.

. Gen lock function.

Color adjustment

. Color curve for individually adjusting the RGB and overall brightness at different grayscale levels.

. Color magic with multi-color adjustment based on HSV color model to realize color transformation.

. 3D-LUT for cinematic color adjustment, with color adjustment strength setting.

. Picture adjustment for hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness compensation.

. Brightness adjustment, support brightness adjustment based on Ethernet port groups.

. Color temperature adjustment with precision and individual RGB adjustment.


. USB port for control and cascading.

. RS232 protocol.

. LAN port for TCP/IP control.



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