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Colorlight Z5 LED Controller

Colorlight Z5 LED Controller for LED display and LED Screen, Maximum capacity of 13.1 million pixels, Single port supports up to 4096 ×2160@60Hz.
Colorlight Z5 LED Video Processor

Colorlight Z5, a new generation of professional LED video controller, is designed specially to meet the ultra-low latency display, HDR, and wide color gamut needs of monitoring, sports live, live events, broadcast, television, filming, and other scenarios, where real-time, low-latency processing and color fidelity is required for Ultra HD image and LED display control. Z5 includes features providing excellent visual effects for the user.



. Full 4K inputs: HDMI2.0, DP1.2, 12G-SDI.

. Single port supports up to 4096 ×2160@60Hz.

. Support 8bit/ 10bit video signal input.

. Support HDCP1.4/HDCP2.2.

. Support input frame rate from 23.98Hz to 240Hz.


. Maximum capacity of 13.1 million pixels, with a maximum of 16384 pixels in width and a maximum of 8192 pixels in height.

. 20-channel Gigabit Ethernet port output; 2-channel 10 Gigabit fiber port output.

. Support output frame rate of 23.98Hz to 240Hz.

. Support both Ethernet port redundancy and controller redundancy.

Video processing

. Video cropping, broadcasting level switching, and scaling.

. Upto 3-window display, support 1-channel 4K and 2-channel HD signal display.

. Low latency, minimum one-frame delay.

. HDR10 / HLG display.

. Genlock function.

Color adjustment

. Picture adjustment for hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness compensation.

. Brightness adjustment, support network port grouping brightness adjustment.

. Color temperature adjustment with precision and RGB independent adjustment.


. Two USB ports for control and cascading. One for connecting to a PC for debugging or cascading input.
One for cascading output

. RS232 port. With a 115200 baud rate for connecting to the third-party device.

. LAN port for TCP/IP control. Connect to a computer, connect to a switch for accessing the local area network,
or act as an Art-net control port.



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