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Colorlight Z4F LED Video Controller

Colorlight Z4F LED Video Controller for LED display and LED Screen, Maximum capacity of Up to 2.60 million pixels, maximum 4096 pixels in width and height.
Colorlight Z4F LED Controller

Colorlight Z4F is a professional LED controller, integrates video processor with transmitter into one. Fully upgraded Z4F can achieve low latency, precisec olor management, adding Genlock function, which can be perfectly applied to public rental displays and high-end fixed installation projects. Equipped with 2xoptical fiber outputs, Z4F meets the needs of ultra-long transmission with optical transceivers.



. Support HDMIx1,DVIx1,SDIx2,DPx1 video signal input.

. Maximum input resolution 1920×1200@60Hz.

. Video cascade loop-out interface: HDMI LOOPx1, DVI LOOPx1


. 2x 2.5G optical fiber output.

. Up to 2.60 million pixels, maximum 4096 pixels in width and height.

Video processing

. Up to 3 layers display.

. Video sources zooming and cropping.

. Low latency.

. Better grayscale performance at low brightness.

. Gen lock function.

. Brightness and color temperature adjustment.

. Precise color management.

. Picture adjustment for hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness compensation.


. USBx2,for PC control or cascade.

. LANx1,Gigabit network IP control.

. Art-Net control.

. Strict sync cascading among multiple processors.


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