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Colorlight X3 LED Controller

Colorlight X3 LED Controller for LED display and LED Screen, Supports multiple signal inputs. max input resolution is 1920*1200 pixels.
Colorlight X3 LED Video Controller

Colorlight X3 is a professional LED display controller, it possesses powerful video signal receiving capacity and supports multiple signal inputs, in which the max input resolution is 1920*1200 pixels. Meanwhile, 4 Gigabit Ethernet outputs support a big LED display of 2560 pixels in maximum width/height.


·Video input ports including  HDMI*1, DVI*2;
·Support input resolution up to 1920*1200@60Hz;
·Loading capacity:2.60 million pixels, Maximum Width/Height: 4096 pixels/2560 pixels;
·Support arbitrary switching of video input, and the image can be zoomed freely;
·Dual USB2.0 for high-speed configuration and easy Cascading;
·Support splicing and cascading among several controllers with synchronization strictly;
·Support brightness and chromaticity adjustment;
·Support improved gray scale at low brightness;
·Support HDCP1.4;
·Compatible with all receiving cards, multifunction cards, and optical fiber transceivers of Colorlight.



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