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Colorlight VX10 LED Video Controller

Colorlight VX10 LED Controller for LED display, a maximum loading capacity of 6.5 million pixels (up to 16,384 pixels in width, and 8,192 pixels in height)

Colorlight VX10 is LED display video controller, which integrates the functions of UHD image processing and LED display control. The device supports the input of 4K and 2K video signals, with a maximum loading capacity of 6.5 million pixels (up to 16,384 pixels in width, and 8,192 pixels in height). In terms of output, it supports Ethernet port and fiber port output, which can satisfy different demands. With strong video processing and sending capacity, VX10 is applicable broadly in such scenarios as medium and high-end rental, stage control, radio and television, film shooting, etc.



.Video input port:

-1 × HDMI2.0

-1 × HDMI1.4 (IN&LOOP)


– 1 × DVI

-1 × 3G-SDI (IN&LOOP)

-1 × 10G fiber port (Fiber1)

. Up to 4096×2160@60Hz input.

. Support 8bit/10bit video signal.

. The HDMI2.0 port supports HDCP2.2 standards and is compatible with HDCP1.4 standards.

. The HDMI1.4 and DVI ports support HDCP1.4 standard.

. 23.98Hz to 240Hz frame rate.


. 10 Gigabit network ports.

– Maximum loading capacity of 3.93 million pixels, with up to 16,384 pixels in width and 8,192 pixels in height.

. 2 ×10G igabit fiber ports.

-Fiber1 copies 10×Ethernet ports.

-Fiber2 copies/backups 10×Ethernet ports.

. Fiber port supports Video loop output 

-Support up to 14K1K@60Hz or 22K1K@60Hz video source.

. 1 × HDMI1.3 as a previewing or video output port.

. 23.98Hz to 240Hz frame rate.

.Support both Ethernetport backup and controller redundancy.

Video processing

.Support 8-bit and 10-bit video processing.

. Video signal cropping, switching, and broadcasting-level scaling.

.Support 3×layers display, as well as independent adjustment of size and position of layers.

.No latency is achievable in bypass mode.

.Support HDR display

. Support Genlock and LOOP through.

Color adjustment

.Image adjustment: Support adjusting the hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness compensation of output.

.Brightness adjustment: Support adjusting brightness by Ethernet port groups.

.Color temperature adjustment: Support adjusting color temperature accurately and RGB component individually.

Audio input/output

.HDMI port supports audio input.

.Support audio output via multi-function card.

3 working modes

.Video processor

.Fiber optic transceiver

. Bypass

Device control

.USB port for control and cascading.

.RS232 serial communication protocol.

.LAN port for TCP/IP control.


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