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Colorlight Spherical LED Display Solution

Colorlight Spherical LED display Solution, best empty-pixel solution, dual-mode technology, HD sending solution, Super large load capacity
Spherical LED display

Spherical LED display / LED Sphere Display , or LED Ball Display / ball LED display, or Globe LED Dsplay / LED Globe Display, as one of the typical display, is largely used in many famous projects, the shapes is a ball, view angle is 360 degree, clearly display.have strong visual impulse to attracts public attention, But it remains to be a technical difficulty about how to control Spherical LED display. As the industry leader in LED display control technique, Colorlight LED first to make the LED Sphere Display control system attainable, provide a full most reliable professional empty-pixel solution and the reasonable led display control system technical solution.


1: The best empty-pixel solution
2: Super large load capacity and high refresh rate to assure perfect display effect.
3: New design idea, different latitude adopts different modules that with the minimum IC.
4: Dual-mode technology, HD sending solution, intelligent module technology can be seamlessly involved to the spherical display project.
5: Excellent effect for the combination of empty-pixel from both sender card and receiver card.


Science and Technology Museum; Diameter: 1.2m; P5 indoor display

Science and Technology Museum Spherical LED display

Youth Activity Center; Diameter: 2.5; P7.62 indoor display

Youth Activity Center Spherical LED display

An international exhibition; Diameter 2.5; P7 indoor display

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