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Colorlight M9 LED Multi-function Card Interface Descriptions

Get More information about Colorlight M9 LED Multi-function card Interface descriptions and power control applications.

Hardware diagram

Hardware diagram of Colorlight M9 Card

Multi-function Card Hardware Diagram

Interface descriptions






Brightness sensor

Detect and automatically control the brightness, and the minimum brightness should be 15% of the full brightness.

Cables can be adopted to extend the distance between the sensor and the card.


Temperature sensor

It will sense the environmental real-time temperature, able to control the air-conditioning and fan switches, with the DS18B20 chip used.



Power-in 1

Connect 5V power supply to power the multi-function card.

Only one of the two should be used, it should have the function to protect against with the power reversal fault, and the voltage error shall be subject to ± 10%.


Power-in 2

Connect 5V power supply to power the multi-function card.


Net Port A

Connected to sending or net card

Regardless of input or output, the two net ports can be exchanged freely, able to support network cable upgrade.


Net Port B

Connected to receiving card


Indicator Light

It indicates the status of power and signal transmission.



Control power switch interfaces J9-J15

Relay control, automatic power-on or off delay – Therein, J9-J12 indicate power-on and off delay linkage, and J13-J15 can control the switches individually controlled by the temperature (Attention to the relay current limit, please).



Extended function interfaces J2-J7

The voltage, humidity, sound and smoke detection can be extended, and if the function needs using, please consult our technical staff in advance.


Connection Diagram

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