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Colorlight LEDVISION 6.6 Setup Download

Download the Colorlight LEDVISION 6.6 Setup LED display software to control LED screen receiver card 5A, i5A Series, etc
Colorlight LEDVison V6.6 Download
Download latest Colorlight LEDVISION Setup 6.6, Colorlight LEDVISION Control System Software used for Colorlight 5A and i5A Series LED Control Card such as i5A LED Receiver Card, i5A-905/ i5A-907 LED Receiver Card, i5A-F LED Receiver Card, 5A-75E LED receiving card, 5A-75B LED Control Card, 5A-F dual mode control card which support Synchronous and Asynchronous mode, Support Chinese and English multi-language install, Free And Safe.



1. Added software digital signature to improve software security and reliability;

2.Supported for C1 cloud Player Box;

3.Supported ICND2112, MBI5253, LS9930 driver IC and 9739 row decoding IC;

4. Added ICN2055/2065 frame rate conversion adaptive function;

5. The function of the Shixin series was upgraded, solving the problem of the light board splash screen of 9739 and 9737 common anode decoding;

6.LS9919 added an open-circuit detection function and template shift length setting, the maximum number of supported segments in the scan schedule was extended to 64;

7.LS9929 added anti-interference, leakage adjustment, and grayscale adjustment functions;

8.Z6 control added SDI*4 signal splicing function, added HDMI/DP sub-board support;

9. When saving Receiver Mapping to Receiver, the control area of the sender where the receiver card is not set net port was not changed(When the S series and X1, X2, and X4 controls judge that they exceed the sender load, they change to 512*512);

10. Added Software settings to adapt screen DPI function, solved the problem of too small software interface under high DPI;

11. Optimized the save of the i9 receiving card calibration coefficient;

12. Improved the stability of  playing videos and pictures in a long time;

13. Improved smoothness and fluency when playing videos and text;

14. Fixed some known bugs.

Before you explore the full function and features, you can check the LEDVision manual to learn how to use it.

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