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Colorlight LEDVISION 2.05 Setup Download

Download the Colorlight LEDVISION 2.05 Setup LED display software to control LED screen receiver card 5A, i5A, etc
Colorlight LEDVison V2.0.5 Download

Download Colorlight LEDVISION 2.05 Setup, Colorlight LEDVISION Control System Software used for Colorlight 5A Series LED Control Card such as 5A LED receiving card, 5A-75 LED Control Card, 5A-F dual mode control card which supportSynchronous and Asynchronous mode, Support Chinese and English multi-language install, Free And Safe.

If you need LEDVISION that support Colorlight i5A LED Series Control Card, you need to download above version such as Colorlight LEDVISION Setup 3.15, Colorlight LEDVISION Setup 3.50.


After downloading the LED application, you can check the LEDVision manual to learn how to use it.

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