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Colorlight iSet V5.2 Setup Download

Download the Colorlight iSet 5.2 Setup LED display software, and add Support X100-7U, Z8, the processors of S7, K20, X16E, Z4(II), Z6 PRO-G2.
Colorlight iSet V5.2 Download

Download latest Colorlight iSet V5.2, Colorlight iSet Control System Software used for Colorlight LED display Controller such as Z6 PRO, X6, X2, X4, X4e, X8, X16, Z4, Z6, X16B, X16C LED Display Controller.



1.  Support for the processors of X100-7U, Z8.

2.  Support for the processors of S7, K20, X16E, Z4, Z6 PRO-G2.

3.  Added three advanced color settings functions: color cube, color curve, and 3D LUT.

4.  Added multi-frame remapping and automatic frequency multiplication functions.

5.  The layout view adds the function of the show/hide cabinet index.

6.  Fixed some bugs.

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