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Colorlight iSet V4.2 Setup Download

Download the Colorlight iSet 4.2 Setup LED display software, Support Z6 PRO, X6, X2, X4, X4e, X8, X16, Z4, Z6, X16B, X16C LED display Controller.
Colorlight iSet V4.2 Download
Download latest Colorlight iSet V4.2, Colorlight iSet Control System Software used for Colorlight LED display Controller such as Z6 PRO, X6, X2, X4, X4e, X8, X16, Z4, Z6, X16B, X16C LED Display Controller.



1.  Support for the Senders of X7, X2s, X4s.

2.  Added monitoring function.

3.  The transparency of the port cabinet can be set.

4.  Added the function of detecting Senders by specifying the IP address.

5.  Added the function of full-screen fast restore factory settings.

6.  The direction of the mapping changes according to the dragging direction of the mouse.

7.  The project configuration adds the maximum frame rate and output color depth options, and the port loading is displayed according to the selected maximum frame rate and output color depth.

8.  Added the function of the software bubble prompt.

9.  The pitch of magnetic attraction can be customized.

10. New color and brightness interface.

11. The cabinet parameters support Gamma adjustment.

12. Support the function of cabinet type with multi-receivers inside.

13. Chroma calibration adds the function of applying color gamut transform to calibration coefficients.

14. Added precise color management of Z6 PRO.

15. Fixed some bugs.

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