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Colorlight iQ7 Loading Area Solution Lookup Table

Know about Colorlight iQ7 HD Sender Loading Area Solution Lookup Table, to get more information about what is Colorlight iQ7 Loading Area and how to choose perfect solution

Colorlight iQ7 Loading Area Solution Lookup Table, to know how many Colorlight iQ7 LED cards are needed when the LED display loading area changes.

WidthHeightRecommend ProductQuantityTotal Areasingle device loading total areasingle DVI loading area widthsingle DVI loading area height
20641024iQ712,113,536>1,310,000 & <2,620,000>2048 & ≤2560≤1365
12801280iQ711,638,400>1,310,000 & <2,620,000≤2048≤1365
2560128iQ71327,680≤1,310,000>2048 & ≤2560≤1365
16001152iQ711,843,200>1,310,000 & <2,620,000≤2048≤1365

The solution which is written in red font can use an LED Video Processor for Optimization.

Colorlight iQ7 HD LED Sender parameters: 1: Maximum Loading Area: 2,620,000. 2: Maximum width: 2560. 3: Maximum height: 1536. 4: support Adaptive resolution

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