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Colorlight A4K Cloud Networking Player

Colorlight A4K Cloud Networking Player for LED display, single card Have 8 Hub75 interface on board and can load up to 128×1024 pixels
ColorLight A4K LED Media Player

Colorlight A4K is a new-generation cloud networking player, which supports 4K VP9 and 4K 10bits H.265/H.264 video decoding, maximum support 4K@60Hz output. Based on the powerful ColorlightCloud platform, functions such as player monitoring, program creating, program scheduling, program centralized publishing, and multi-level management are supported. 

The A4K player supports various networking methods such as WiFi, wired, and 4G networking, and can be deployed quickly to achieve intelligent cloud management, including multi-screen, multi-business, and cross-regional unified management. It can be configured as a WiFi hotspot and supports managing programs and setting parameters via smartphone, tablet, and PC. 

With the use of PlayerMaster, you can edit and publish programs to A4K. Arbitrary multi-window layout and playback of various program materials such as videos, pictures, texts, tables, weather, and clocks are also supported. Program updates and management can be achieved via plug-and-play USB flash drives and wired networks. A4K can widely apply to commercial 4K LCD display, such as the screens of chain stores, retail stores, and advertisement players. 


Brand-new breakthroughs 

. Professional BS architecture, supporting accessing network via WiFi, LAN or 4G for cloud centralized management 

. Multi-level management of cloud server and role-based program publishing 

. Strong processing performance, supporting H265/H264 4K high-definition video hardware decoding and playback as well as 10bit video decoding and playback 

. Support up to 3840×2160@60Hz output resolution, maximum width: 4096, maximum height: 4096  

. 8G storage (4G available), support playback via USB flash drive 

. Support stereo audio output 

Safe and reliable 

. All professional-grade components are used, and the products are stable and reliable 

. System authorization and data encryption 

. Multi-level permission management, with rigorous audit mechanism for program publishing 

. Real-time monitoring of playback content and timely feedback on operating status 

Intelligent control, convenient management 

. Plug and play content from USB flash drive 

. Synchronized playback of multiple screens (NTP synchronization) 

. Support scheduled commands, LAN-based scheduling and Internet-based scheduling 

. Support being configured as WiFi hotspot and being managed via smartphone, Pad and PC 

Convenient program management 

. Use PlayerMaster with comprehensive functions for editing programs, flexible and convenient 

. Support overlaying of multiple windows, whose size and location can be freely adjusted 

. Rich media materials, such as pictures, videos, texts, clocks, stream media, webpages and weather 

. Support playing multiple program pages 



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