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Colorlight A2K Cloud Networking Player

Colorlight A2K Cloud Networking Player for LED display and LED Screen, supports 4G, WiFi, wired network and other various networking methods
ColorLight A2K LED Media Player

Colorlight A2K is a new-generation cloud networking player that supports 4K H265/H264 hardware decoding and 1080P HD output. Based on the powerful Colorlight cloud service platform, it provides functions such as device monitoring, program producing, program scheduling, program centralized publishing, and multi-level management. 

The A2K player supports 4G, WiFi, wired network and other various networking methods, and can be deployed rapidly to achieve intelligent cloud management function, and multi-screen, multi-business and cross-regional unified management. It also supports using the PlayerMaster software for editing and publishing programs, arbitrarily laying out multiple windows, and playing various materials such as videos, pictures, texts, sheets, weather and clock. It can widely apply to various commercial LCD display fields, such as the screen of chain stores, retail stores and advertisement players. 


. High-definition output of 1080P 

. Support multi-level management of cloud server and role-based program publishing 

. Strong processing performance, supporting H265/H264 4K high-definition video hardware decoding and playback 

. Dual band WiFi, with stable connection and fast transmission rates, supporting configuration of WiFi Station or WiFi AP 

. 8GB storage 

. Multiple playback modes 

. Support USB drive plug and play, and program update via USB drive  

. Synchronous playback of multiple screens 

. Program and command schedules 

. Windows and materials 

. Support playing multiple program pages (up to 32 pages) 

. Rich media materials, such as pictures, videos, texts and clocks, supporting video and picture scaling 

. Support playback and overlay of multiple windows, whose size and location can be freely adjusted 

. Support playing up to two high-definition windows or one 4K video window simultaneously 

. Comprehensive control scheme 

1. Support control and management from various platforms, such as LED Assistant for smartphones and tablets, and PlayerMaster for PC.

. Network communication 

1. Dual band and dual mode WiFi, supporting WiFi 2.4G and 5G band, WiFi hotspot mode or WiFi client mode1 

2. LAN, supporting DHCP mode and static mode 

3. 4G communication, supporting 4G network (optional)  

4. GPS positioning (optional) 



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