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Colorlight 5A-75B LED Receiving Card

Colorlight 5A-75B LED receiver card integrates the most common HUB75. Support for large area display and reduced points of fault.
Colorlight 5A-75B LED Receiving Card

Colorlight 5A-75B LED receiver card, LED Control System Receiving Card, Full-color: 256*256 Pixels, for special applications the column can be extended to 1024 pixels.

5A-75B LED receiving card was designed for cost savings to customers, to reduce points of fault and the fault probability. It is based on the 5A receiver card, and integrates the most common HUB75, to ensure a high-quality display of the premise, more reliable, more worry, and more affordable.


• Integrated HUB75, more convenient and less costly.
• Reduce the plug connectors, reduce points of fault, and lower fault probability.
• Superior display quality: high refresh, high intensity, high brightness with the conventional chips
• Superior compatibility: suitable for all types of LED display module of mainstream products (5A = any row, any column, any scan, any chips, any drawn)
• The use of more advanced algorithms, so that the receiving card to maximize the use of resources to improve display quality
• Support for high-precision point-by-point correction in the Brightness and color space
• Support for large area display
• Professional design and strict production testing to ensure high-quality and reliable


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